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    Wednesday, December 19, 2012

    EXCLUSIVE; Newtown motive to kill kids

    Paradigm Intel Engine:"PIE".
    Caution none of this has been confirmed.

    Adam Lanza, 20 Newtown 20 children and six adults killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School rampage in Newtown, Conn.

    Shot his mother 4 times in head,
    we expect shots to eyes.

    He was computer literate, had classes.
    Destroyed hard drive, he was concealing 
    This might be reversed engineered, search
    WWW for traces of his IP.
    He went to nearest school with first graders.

    Our PIE  proposes this paradigm, none
    of which has been proved.

    Their has been mention of his social
    mis-function, limited social skills.
    20 yrs old and no girl friend.

    At 20 and a social misfit,
    he had discovered porn,
    he may have been attracted 
    to younger girls/boys
    ages closer to his social comfort 

    His mom discovered him viewing
    pedophilia content and wanting to 
    scare him away from his deviant 
    behavior, threatened him with
    Police, and being marked for
    life as child molester.

    I would expect his slow social 
    development marked him as
    an outsider and subject him
    to bulling and abuse.

    The threat of marking him
    as child abuser for viewing 
    child porn may have pushed him
    over the edge.

    He saw one way out.
    Kill mother, 4 shots to eyes?
    4 shots to head indicate lot of anger.
    If dead she can't report him.
    Destroy hard drive.

    No proof of offence

    Knowing he killed his mother

    it was the end for him.
    And he nay have viewed the 
    children as the cause of his problems
    and as the enemy, and decided
    to kill some of his 'enemies'
    before committing suicide.

    And went to the GUN FREE ZONE
    school to kill children, able to
    kill many for about 10 min 
    before police arrive, police
    sirens were trigger to commence

    REPEAT; This is only a hypothesis,
    it seems to match all known facts.
    We have no evidence.

    NSA will have his web history 

    ( STORED with everyone's web history
    in NSA archives ) G


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