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    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Video; Syria being cut from Internet

    sorry we were so swamped I didn't give credit for video, my apologies


    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    It appears Syria regime has gone BLACK, WWW, Cell phones,land lines and Satellite phones, while WORLD sets with thumb up its ass, WTF,G

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    From a source; "Contact on sat connection in Syria did not show up today." Is Syria BLOCKING satellite phones? G Syria jamming satellite phones? 

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Any ONE seen any live feed from Syria in past 4 hrs? ANYTHING? PLEASE RETWEET, G InternetAnthropologistTT@gmail.COM

    Syrian regime has capibility to jam satellite phones, they have before, G …

    Syrian Internet, cell phones, land lines and
    satellite phones maybe OUT.
    Seems much more complete, thorough
    than either Iran or Egypt.

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Paradigm intel, Syrian regime using dedicated lines out of Syria to Iran for C2 & comms w/ Iran find it ,cut it, G



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