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    Tuesday, November 08, 2011

    Ahmadinejad Rest in Peace.

    Ahmadinejad Rest in Peace.

    The strike on Iran is inevitable, current date
    for the attack is after Jan 2012.
    For good reasons Professor Cole outlines.

    USA is having first ever nation wide test alert,
    UK planning for Iran attack, Israel press abound
    in discussion of Iran attack.
    Its not that the world doesn't want Iran to have nuclear,
    the world just doesn't want THIS regime to have them.

    Ahmadinejad has been very clear he wants Israel destroyed.
    Which fits in with his 13th Imam religious beliefs.

    That a nuclear War he thinks will bring about Iran's
    Couple that with his personality and his 'little' man
    complex and he has plenty of reason to push the button.
    MAD is not a deterrent ( Mutually Assured Destruction )
    its an incentive for him, to bring about the 13th Imam
    he believes.

    One of the first 'Spring' movements was Persian, Iran.
    We backed the Green Movement hard and were
    stressful. We joined up with the Anonymous group
    in fighting the Iranian regime. (The Green movement
    quit, leaders all gave up.)

    It was intimidating, walking into the Anon lions den,
    and we were not welcomed with open arms.
    "try rewriting your brazen demand in the form 
    of a humble entreaty."

    I've never done 'humble' very well.

    Suspected Iranian MOIS agents had penetrated
    the forum, It wasn't a situation where anon
    needed us but was a problem where more man
    power equaled faster discovery of the Iran agents.

    The Anon leader threatened to destroy me if I didn't
    disclose our full capabilities, I reported for destruction.
    But he declined and I disclosed nothing.

    We were invited to discover the suspected Iranians,
    and their Op.
    So in 2009 with some intrepidation  We cautiously
    went to work, it was Anon after all, just threatened
    to destroy me.

    We discovered perps compressing text into pictures,
    and were running a very light finger, soft touch investigation
    not wanting to tip anyone off.
    24Hrs later Anon gave me a ass chewing for to little
    and taking to long.
    So I Pulled out all the stops, and piled troops on,
    we supplied the IP nos, of the perps and those
    they were trying to recruit.
    And I was fired shortly after by anonymous,
    for exceeding my authority. ?
    I love anonymous.

    Some of our Ops were discovering Gov.
    leaders IPs
    Here are a few:

    And we made connections to the resistance.
    And transmitted Intel.

    Helped keep the WWW open in the face of 
    a Regime shutdown of the WWW.

    We helped DOX Basij, Resistance was
    getting pics out of them killing demonstrators.

    I learned from  on Twitter that the Anon admin had 
    started telling Anon members 
     I know that even the network admins warned us 
    ( Iran forum) to stay away from it and anyone who tried to recruit 
    us. I also know it failed.

    So as Anon admin was telling members to stay away as we were
    tracking down the perps. 

    Our discussion with Anonk9 centered on  
    a hard case to figure. He went after Anon, lost his job, business 
    and reputation.
    Recently he launched OpCartel, and the press went wild with
    it, He threatened to Dox the Cartel members, if anon member
    they kidnapped wasn't released. The member was released and
    the Cartel threatened to kill anon members if any names released.
    ACCORDING TO  the only source for the story.

    Did BarrettBrown really do it, or was it a terror strike on anon?



     the attention whore probably wants another book 
    deal and doesn't mind killing anons to get it

     Anonymous User 

     Yeah. Sadly, most people are too fucking stupid
    to realize that we're right until Anons start dying. Then it's too late.

     Anonymous User 

     Eat a dick, pops. lmao.

    Makes U just want to reach out and twist an ear.

    It seems to have worked. Until now. On top of all that 
    some of Barrett Brown's actions are consistent with
    increased suicide risk, if what he says is true.

    And during our discussion AnonK9 trips the 'rules
    of engagement' wire:

     Anonymous User 

     But, you're also not intelligent enough to be I'll just add you to the list of names to give the Cartels...

    So we reached out as gently as possible and tapped him on the shoulder.

    And he retracted his threat later. unrelated of course.

     Anonymous User 

     I won't bother collecting names or anything like that, 
    but when people start dying anyway...admit I was right. Deal? lol

    Around the time all this was Happening on the Anon Iran forum,
    Stuxnet was afoot.

    We have seen various accounts that Iran has enough nuclear material
    for 4 bombs. And I'm inclined to believe it, but the problem lies in its 
    purity, all duds, thanks to stuxnet.

    I was in love with Stuxnet,
    then comes DUQU malware .
    And it doesn't get any better than this.  
    Its a Keylogger, US knows what Iran is doing as soon as 
    they type it. 
    Its a shotgun, it carries different LOADS, just pack up a 
    different exploit and it fires it right into the Iranian PC's.

    Its CC is secret, they found the obvious one, NSA calculate
    how long a CC function will last and load new ones.

    Stuxnet penetrated Iranians PC's that were NOT connected
    to the WWW. Jesus, Mary and Joesph, what more could
    one ask for?

    So our Iranian IPs we collected went to good use, and those
    WERE connected to the WWW.

    US NSA hacking is to other hackers what the
    Stealth bomber is to a B52.

    The world has seen Stuxnet and Duqu because NSA
    actually fired the Cyber gun, Iran, the target required
    the use of these two weapons.

    They still have weapons they have not fired yet.
    There are seven layers to the WWW, most use just
    one layer, we use 2 some times 3.
    NSA is using probably 5.

    But Stuxnet and Duqu won't guarantee Iran won't
    get a nuke, at one time Iran was bribing the hell
    out of Pakistan for nuke supplies and Pak pimped
    them, with junk. Iran has taken the longest of any
    nation trying to get a nuke, running on 20 years.
    Its not that their Nuke scientist are dumb, but 
    they are playing solitaire and the US keeps
    pulling cards out of the deck, they just can't

    Pak and ISI have been cozying up. With all the
    anti-Americanism the ISI has been stirring up.
    ISI motives are unclear. Iran hopes
    to buy a Nuke from Pak, and Pak runs full Nukes
    around in civilian vans, to try and prevent US
    eyes in the sky from knowing what Pak is doing.
    ISI hijacks a nuke and it ends up in Iran and
    ISI peoples are billions richer.
    ISI has demonstrated time and time again
    they are a terrorist org, hiding OBL, 
    even killing their own reporters.

    And ISI turning on their own Taliban, selling out OBL.

    Iran has been caught time and time again supporting
    terrorism around the world, even supplying IEDs in 
    Afghan, and trying to kill Saudi ambassador.

    But the original Question is will they kill Ahmadinejad 
    when they take out the nuke facilities?
    Why not, same cost, its an act of war either way.
    And what other leaders will be targeted?
    Kill the will for Nukes?

    Iran Regime will not get a nuke even over their dead leaders
    Ahmadinejad Rest in Peace. ( Giving Prior notice. )

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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