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    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    McAfee HOT HOT HOT

    McAfee has some hot old stuff.
    Its not new, but it is a new use for an
    older paradigm.

    The first time this paradigm came up was
    at CENTCOM Ob1, 01.30.2009

    Jan 30, 2009 ... to the WWW, OB1 will expose your network to the 
    WWW. Rebuttal: Your misunderstanding here stems from your 
    failure to understand what a ...

    They were also trying to get under the OS.
    My discussion centered around any security efficiencies  
    Gained by using 5 PCs to connect to 5 sec networks
    vs using just one PC to connect to 5 sec networks.

    But McAfee is using this approach to make
    the PC more transparent and secure.McAfee is
    not using software but hardware, which has
    significant benefits.

    Automated threat identification is nice, but
    so is looking myself at whats going on under
    the hood. Makes it easier to spot evil intent
    if I can see whats going on.

    Among the threats that McAfee detects are Stuxnet, SpyEye, 
    the TDSS rootkit family and the NTRootkit.  I like, G

    I've been hoping for a system that makes the PC
    more transparent. Easier for me to see whats going on.

    Ability to KILL any PROCESS, whether MS likes
    it or not. What are those processes doing?
    What programs are running and who turned them on.
    What is going on in all the SCVHOST.EXE running?
    what dll's are being uploaded, and a way to test them.
    A list of all WWW connections with automated Whois.
    And ability to lock down ports and programs, or turn
    connections off and block reconnects.

    The method McAfee is using would allow for all of this.
    But the paradigm, 'hardware', should mean 'NOT PROGRAMBLE"
    or its going to get hacked, ie software.
    So we are back to plugging in something they can't hack.
    And buying chip upgrades.

    Their new paradigm puts the security and monitoring below
    the OS.

    I think this has merit, and the possibility of putting all of us one
    step ahead of the bad guys/malware, we have been behind the
    8 ball for what 10 yrs now.

    Now if they can just add some OFFENSIVE capability,
    we can all quit being punching bags.
    And some other items.

    Getting my Security dancin shoes out just in case.
    I think they have something.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Of course it won't help with "Invisible
    Persistent Threats"
    Intelligence Wet DREAM.



    Blogger Tim O. Peters said...

    good work.

    9:33 AM  

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