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    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Pop Corn Paradigms

    Recent months we have seen paradigms pop up like
    pop corn.
    There was the Iraq invasion and a paradigm in the making.
    It was a disaster, bad intel, didn't reconstitute Iraq Mil in time,
    and sent in over rated leaders who Ignored MacArthur's
    paradigm in dealing with a defeated country.
    Then there is the Afghan Paradigm and a full fledged
    effort to win hearts and minds complete with heavy
    SysAdmin, and its not working.
    The ISI is pumping a Infowar in Afghanstan and Pakistan
    to be divisive, spreading propaganda and mis-Information
    to keep the populations divided and confused.
    The main reason "hearts and minds' isn't working is
    the Taliban is much closer to a criminal paradigm
    than the religious motives they expose, purport to
    believe, adhere to. Taliban is all about the money.

    Then there is the Iranian paradigm, off to a good
    start with much of the population in the streets, and
    the Iranian Regime has been able to compromise the
    leadership of the Green movement, the letters I have
    got from the Iranian resistance recount an Epic Fail
    on the part of the Green movement, capitulation to the
    Iranian regime.

    Then there is the Egyptian paradigm, a Western friendly
    regime that did step down, and the country is still in the throes
    of reconstituting a new government and the jury is out
    on that effort.

    And the Libyan Paradigm. A weak military confronted by
    the UN and backed by USA. Looks like some success, end
    game still to be developed.

    And then there is Syria, promises many changes, as soon
    as all these demonstrators are dead. We still believe Turkey
    will play a big part in this paradigm.

    The flip side to these social regime change paradigms is
    Anonymous, and the off shoot Lulzsec.
    Proof of concept for civilian militias on the WWW.
    Using the same paradigms used in regime change in
    many Islamic country's recently, employing social

    Anonymous is stepping on its own dick, doing crap
    for the Lulz, like exposing Twitter accounts. I asked
    them WHY, and they responded for the Lulz.
    That will be their down fall, sowing their own seeds
    of destruction. Abusing the public for laughs.

    So the US has many paradigms for regime change,
    some look promising, some not so much.
    And a look at the force that CAN put a monkey
    wrench into the WWW if the US politicians don't
    tow the line. The GOP supporting the GOP tax cut
    of $700 billion for US billionaire Bakers robbing the
    US public thru Usur,stealing homes with fraudlent
    paper work and the Sub-Prime debacle and trading on
    insider info of the S&P down grade, just to name a few.
    Wall St Banks steal homes with impunity.

    The US Military is not the only ones with the power
    of social change engines now, the civilian sector is again
    leading the pack. England may have witnessed this action
    recently in the riots.

    I remind the US Government the fall back structure of the
    CIA, NSA, Military and FBI is the American public.
    During 911 the US civilians on the fourth plane were
    the only force to intercept the terrorist and derail the attack.

    No USA force, Intelligence agency or law enforcement did
    the job, the civilians on the plane stepped forward and said,
    NO, and ended the terrorist attack. It cost all of them their lives
    but they addressed the problem and ended it.

    The new super committee is a potential for a disaster,
    and a problematic paradigm that could find the US Government
    and politicians and the US public civilians on opposite sides.
    And I hope the elections is the way to address this kind of failure.

    But there is a paradigm developing where the Government uses
    the Patriotic act, is used to invalidate all US privacy, and pits
    the Government against the people.

    Anonymous is seeding their paradigm with self defeating lulz,
    and the Government is seeding their paradigm with the destruction
    of the constitution and killing privacy.

    I hope both sides can work out the kinks before there is
    a "US spring".
    The Tea baggers are pulling an influence way beyond their
    numbers or the influence of their billionaire masters.
    The GOP support of Wall St Banks Criminal regime.

    And that is the seeds of the down fall of the GOP.

    Time will tell how on target these paradigms are,
    and I hope we are way off the mark.

    Internet Anthropologist



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Anonymous, and the off shoot Lulzsec. Proof of concept for civilian militias on the WWW."

    Their MO seems to be to cause civilian casualties. IMO releasing the private info of SOE or BART customers looks worse for Anon than it does for the corporations targeted.

    You left out the biggest paradigm shift on the left. It encompasses the actions of Anon, Lulz, ELF, Greenpeace, and the unionistas. The left is increasingly willing to use violence, intimidation, and crime to promote their politics.

    The actions of these groups is supported and encouraged by the left and their political leaders. It is a disturbing trend.

    We live in a great country where change can happen at the ballot box. Violence, sabotage, and intimidation have no place in our society and it should be condemned by the left not encouraged.

    6:55 PM  

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