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    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    LulzSec Paradigm.

    We have been watching for this paradigm
    to manifest its self for 3 yrs.

    And LutzSec may not running the most
    feared paradigm, but he has provided proof
    of concept.

    So we are breaking Opsec and SitRep.

    The Paradigm is based on the old real world
    kidnapping paradigm. Where they seize some
    one or something and ransom it.

    In the old paradigm the tricky part was
    the exchange of the prize for the money.
    Without getting busted.

    In the cyber world we have the potential
    demonstrated by LutzSec of a skill level
    so high that it may enable him to do it 

    Lutzsec seems to have the confidence to
    take on the FBI and NSA and the 
    That alone gave me pause.

    The US Government is so worried they
    have said they will pull in the Military 
    to complement their cyber capabilities.

    All of which points out the sad state of
    cyber security I've been writing about for
    10 yrs.
    There isn't any, 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I'm on your PC,know your IP

    and the WhiteHouse is on the wrong track.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: H Clinton confused on Cyber

    We are moving into the era where a hacker
    could sit in plain sight, public, known and
    extort money with impunity.

    Instead of a bomb attached to a hostage,
    he could have a cyber weapon, "Bastard stepson
    of Stuxnet" targeting the US Electric grid.
    and take down just one city as a demo,
    and keep that city shut off.

    If arrested the whole of the US elect Grid
    goes down. Risking all US Nuclear cooling systems.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US Nuclear Reactors at Risk

    If payments not made it goes down.

    It looks like LutzSec has NSA, FBI and
    the Military worried.!/LulzSec

    So far he is a ghost in the Machine.
    But is the Lutz a practice run for
    something else?

    I know of only a couple of men in the
    world that could pull this off. And of 
    course that doesn't preclude there 
    being many more that could also.

    And LutzSec has demonstrated the
    difference between the "Black hats"
    and the "white hats", the difference
    between skills leves and mastry of the
    net, a Joie de vivre, missing in white hats.

    'Black hats' have been handing 'white hats'
    their asses for almost 10 yrs now.
    Because of a lack of funding.
    Hackers vs Security Vendors.

    Maybe this will change the hiring paradigm
    for Black hats, which side of the fence
    do you want them on?

    US Intelligence not recruiting blackhats - Internet Anthropologist

    Its a question of surveillance and supervision.

    But how can we have these guys running around
    on the wrong side of the fence?

    If LutzSec comes out, or he is burned
    you better have considered the law of 
    unintended consequences in some detail.

    In the end he may not even be dangerous
    but he has provided proof of concept.

    There is only one way to take him out.
    And I nor my BSU's have seen any
    evidence of movement in that direction.

    If LutzSec isn't the ONE, 
    be sure HE is coming.

    Alternative Gov Lulzsec Paradigm:

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    ad magnum



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