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    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Vietnam is not Pakistan and Pakistan is not USA.

    Viet nam is not Pakistan
    and Pakistan is not USA.

    Stepping it up.

    In Vietnam US fought an indigenous
    enemy, And used a traditional method
    for metrics. 

    Kill the enemy, And the Official body
    count score card was born.

    And the first stirrings of SysAdmin
    began in the battle for the Hearts
    and minds, and pacification was born.
    And a form of Infowar deployed.

    Many years later US tries again but
    with some success this time.
    Iraq, No body count but a concerted
    effort to take out leadership and it has
    some success, al-Zarqawi was killed
    and al qaeda fell to pieces.

    But in Iraq it was the indigenous who
    went after al qaeda, They refused
    to support them, gave them no place
    to hide among the people, they decided
    they wanted al qaeda out.

    al qaeda never had a good Infowar operation
    going in Iraq, and no Gov support.

    Now in Pakistan, the Gov, Mil and key Intellience
    agency run active Infowar against US .

    Some of the Indigenous support the Talibn and
    al qaeda, Give them a place to hid in public.

    US has a selective attack paradigm, mid level
    cadre, and its working the drones continually
    wipe out Taliban mid level commanders and
    its having an impact.

    Taliban bringing extream pressure on Paki to 
    to stop drones.

    Paki is not USA.

    I have a Movie script for you.

    Its 2011 and the US Navy finds an al qaeda
    cell with in its ranks, and arrest them, holds
    the Navy officers for questioning.

    And Ossam Bin Laden is found living
    30 miles from Wash. DC. and killed
    by a secret team of commandos of the ISI.

    al qaeda is able to track the holding locations
    everywhere the suspected al qaeda are moved,
    because of spys in the Navy.

    al qaeda demands their release, and attacks
    bus loads of trainees at Annapolis.

    And attacks the Navys biggest Naval base,
    and a 22 hr fire fight ensues, and 2 escape?

    The US Navy negotiates with the Taliban
    and agrees to release the suspected al qaeda
    officers after interrogations.

    al qaeda refuses and interrogations are postponed.

    And al qaeda continues to attack US Military bases
    across the US.

    AND IS STILL ON GOING. Turn some of it
    around and you see what a mess it is.

    Saleem Shahzad
    Has gone missing its believed ISI covertly
    arrested him and has him in custody for
    the above story.
    Fits with whHat we have been saying about
    ISI, G

    Signs of torture, SUSPECT KILLED FOR WRITING

    Pakistan is not USA.

    In USA the people would demand the country be
    torn apart to find and kill the al qaeda.
    ISI would have been thrown a ticker tape
    parade in every city, and CIA and Navy would
    be under heavy congressional Investigations.

    What does Pakistan do?
    Pakistan " unsees " what it cannot confront.
    or won't confront or doesn't know how 
    to confront.

    Art of UNSEEING: Well worth the read,G

    Since the al qada and Taliban have indigenous support
    they have found a way to live with it.
    The ISI run Infowar ops to create anti-American sentiment.
    ISI runs ops to win the hearts and minds of insurgent
    supporters and point them at the US.
    While the ISI can't control the insurgents or their
    supporters they can point the dogs at targets other
    than themselves as an expedient.

    The US Views the kinetic aspects of the war
    against al qaeda as primary,
    Just as they did in Vietnam.

    SysAdmin force activities are co-opted by insurgents
    if they have enough indigenous support.

    The only way to turn Indigenous forces is by
    Infowar, after the Indigenous are turned then
    you have a chance with SysAdmin.

    In Pakistan Infowar could be shifted to primary
    position, backed by Drones.

    Vietnam is not Pakistan
    and Pakistan is not USA.

    US still has not learned how to win over
    INDIGENOUS, and the insurgents are
    rocking with them.

    "OBL was an agent of US"
    "US behind Paki Navy base attack"
    "Taliban al qaeda not terrorist"

    Just really stupid shit, and they get away
    with it.
    ISI and insurgent infowars have so screwed
    up civilians heads these ideas get purchase.
     Ahmed Quraishi has done almost as
    much damage to Paki minds as the Taliban.

    Good example of
    just bull shit propaganda that sells.

    US is still learning the Indigenous paradigm.
    50 yrs and still don't have it down, closer,
    better, not there yet.

    War Anthropologist


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