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    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Stuxnet 3.5, were all screwed

    An Intelligence associate subtly alluded to
    a new attack vector, few months back.

    Something we had suspected for about 4 yrs.
    It was something I did not want to look at.
    But the idea continued to nag at me in the
    back of my mind.
    Like a bill coming due you knew you wouldn't
    have the money for.
    Or like the results of a cancer lab test being
    mailed to you, I just didn't want to talk about it.

    I think he thought me a little dense, as I never
    said anything about it to him. Didn't probe
    or ask any questions, I knew the answers.
    I knew.
    I just kept reading and rereading the research
    papers over and over, hoping to find a different
    paradigm. I couldn't.

    It was just confirmation of something I didn't
    want to know.

    And an end to all privacy or security on the WWW.
    Like a lover you know is cheating, but isn't confirmed
    yet, a delay of the end.

    But now I've seen proof of concept.
    I can no longer pretend I don't know.

    Opsec and sitrep preclude me from
    discussing the "it". for now.

    WWW security has lost the battle.
    On the other hand Iran can hold NO secrets.
    All is known.

    I'm not sure this is actually stuxnet 3.0 or
    3.5, that will come out eventually.

    We are all NAKED.
    Some of the fun on the WWW just died.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    ad magnum

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