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    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Operation Geronimo, OBL dead

    The operation to get osama bin laden is much
    more involved that reported.
    This post is Paradigm INTEL,
    and has not been confirmed.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is "Paradigm Intel"
    The 3 choppers on the raid came from
    a Paki base, with special forces troops
    from Afghan.

    24 troops ( included Seal Team 6 )
    and a dog to sniff out any
    safe room Biny might be hiding in.
    And special tools to open it.

    The choppers were not alone,
    they had several levels of over watch.
    And live video cameras, broadcasting
    all the way back to the White House.

    One level of over watch was surveillance
    Drones, watching the area of operations.

    Another level was defensive, US jets,
    Paki did scramble jets to the area,
    but were painted by US jets so far
    away the Paki jets couldn't even see
    the US jets.
    But the Paki Jets alarms went off,
    indicating they were being painted,
    targeted by someone some where,
    and subject to removal from the sky.
    Paki pilots wisely chose to dis-engage.
    They also received a verbal warning
    warning of eminent engagement.

    Another back up plan was a drone strike
    already orbiting over head if the choppers
    couldn't get in, or were defeated.
    Expect up to a dozen armed drones
    ready to level the place with shower
    of missiles, it was safe to attack,
    huge walled compound to protect
    other homes and civilians.
    They had the ability to rain down dozens of missiles.

    Binny wasn't going to live through this

    The Humint resources were chosen over
    a drone attack because of the paper Intel
    to be collected, and desire for Binnys body.
    No hero burial without body.

    Binny fought for almost 40 min, initially
    escaping into compound using women
    as a shield, he had 40 min to consume
    poison or commit suicide and didn't.

    Binny doesn't personally subscribe
    to the suicide beliefe of 72 virgins,
    and chose to run hide, instead of
    facing US troops.

    The troops did display the American
    flag on their uniforms, and identified
    them selves as Americans.

    So Binny knew before he died,
    America had found him.
    He chose the cowards way out.
    Hiding behind women, and running.

    Upon extraction they piled into one
    chopper with the navigation equipment
    and fuel to get them back, leaving behind
    the smaller faster attack chopper without
    the needed fuel for extraction.

    And again had to light up Paki jets,
    en route to investigate. Warning them off.

    This was not a small effort, but fully
    backed with Jet, drones and satellites.
    Ready for war if any one interfered with
    Binnys extraction.

    This was a "CANNOT FAIL MISSION".
    Backed by US full mil power.
    They were going to get Binny no matter
    Paradigm Intel: Binny prepared a "Death Tape" to be broadcast after his death, he will ask for revenge,suicide attacks, Jahid, usual BS, not recovered.
     says photo is a fake, G

    22 were killed, no American KIA,
    and Binnys body and a trove of Intel
    Processing continues.

    War Anthropologist

    More details:

    Our BSU's indicate  Amazingly there has been no up tick in
    wana bees looking to join Al Qaeda

    From our source inside Beltway:
    Found reliable in the past:
     Pakistan has a big power supply problem.  
    We counted on the lights of town going out 
    after midnight. ( not a cyber hit as we expected, G )
    ( UPDATE: Behind the counter Khizer, 20, a student, told us that the lights in the town had suddenly gone out at 10pm. Some time later, at around 1am, the electricity had come back on. Almost immediately, two small blasts followed by a large bang shook the windows in all the houses of the neighbourhood.
    Khizer said he was reluctant to accept President Barack Obama’s claim that bin Laden was dead. “There is always such a heavy presence of military round here. I do not believe that he would have come here on his own accord.”
    Passers-by backed up Khizer’s claim. They said that the bin Ladens had lived in a “red zone” area, signifying exceptionally high security. Khizer said he regularly walked past the compound where the bin Laden family lived. “The neighbours said that they were backward” – a phrase often used by urban people in Pakistan to refer to visitors from the mountains. He added that people walking past the bin Laden compound often heard the sounds of women talking and children crying. On the street outside, we met a plumber, Mohammad Naseen Khan, who said he was working in the house next to where Osama bin Laden had lived. Neighbours had told him that “they were good people. They were generous in paying their bills. They always gave a little extra”. )
    More on INSIDE Abbottabad, Pakistan, What the town people think.

    Binny had been away from the compound and 
    just returned 10 days ago after meetings with Hekmatyr and the Haqqani's.

    Binny was in good health other than a bad back.  
    For that, he was sleeping on an air inflated mattress bed.

    The neighbors were retired Army officers and military instructors at the various military colleges in the area.  The house was known as the Waziristan Mansion because it was built and frequented by Waziris.  They were easiy recognized and hated by the local majority Hazaras who are Shia.  The actual owner of the house is listed as Ahmed Khan but that is a fake name.

    There was drone coverage on site for about 24 hours before and during the raid. 

    We had two jets circling that jammed the local radar.  The jamming was an overload return signal that matched the local radar frequency that simply overloaded their radar and caused it to shut down, made the screens go black, to look like a maintenance problem and not raise an alarm.
    The raiders came out of Bagram and refueled at our Marine base in Ghazi Tarbela, Pakistan. 

    The wife isn't dead, just shot in the calf.  Son Khaled was killed with him, not Ali.

    Our BSU's just discovered there are about 50 photos floating around of DEAD Binny without beard, among Intel Agencys, I'd like one. G
    Photo of a shaved Binny:

    Photos compound, and Inside,
    names,owner, tenant, Interesting local politician.

    CIA thought this was Binny but 
    didn't attack for 8 mos? Sept 2010 to now


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Please explain why you are sure that "The actual owner of the house is listed as Ahmed Khan but that is a fake name" when in your previous blog ( you had said that Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi is the Member of the National Assembly for Abbottabad-I. Are you saying that the connection is completely fortuitous? Thanks, London Humint

    2:26 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    ISI is diligently investigating the connection, and will clear Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi: and a ISI Colonel will also be cleared of all wrong doing, seems the evidence needed cleaning, G

    Nice catch.

    3:06 AM  

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