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    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    OBL hid son, escaped later.

    Paradigm Intel.

    older photo of son, now 22

    Paradigm indicates OBL son was
    hidden by OBL during the 30 or 40
    min firefight before US troops got
    to OBL and killed him.

    Missing 30 min:

    The 3rd floor was illegal and built
    after Bin Laden moved in?
    Its not on the blue prints.

    OBL didn't get a weapon to defend
    himself, but spent 30 min. doing what
    while US troops worked their way up
    to OBL.

    Might OBL also have given son key
    Intel, mem sticks, CDs.

    After raid, US forces left, how did
    kid escape, kid: hes is 22 yrs old.

    OBL wife said the son was missing,
    an indication he wasn't visiting friends.
    She expected him to be there.

    US surveillance said NO ONE escaped
    during the raid.

    How long was US surveillance on the
    house? Long enough to see the son escape
    arter the raid?

    Did ISI scoop him up?
    Did he have a local support network
    that helped him get out of town?
    How he got away will go far towards
    explaining how OBL hid in plain site,
    in front of ISI,

    He has been called the Prince of terror.
    He potentially is a big future problem
    for our Grand Children.

    Any one got a blue print map of
    3rd floor?



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