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    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Irans Qods killing regime resistance in Iraq

    From our sources with in the Iranian Resistance.
    We have found them to be reliable in the Past. G

    Much of this Intel came in just before and during 
    OBL's death news crush.
    So I held it back, so it might not be drown out
    in the other news.

    I am releasing it now, as operations have slowed some.
    We view this as an American commitment to the people,
    Iranians, anti-regime civilians.

    Irans Qods forces is controlling Iraqi troops,
    killing Iranian regime resistance IN IRAQ,
    using Iraqi Officers.

    Encrypted communication :

    About the campaign, thanks you. 
    Taking the PMOI out of the place is a complex issue. 
    But if you have the contacts to ask or urge for UN protection 
    unit for the Camp, it would save a Genocide!

    About twitter, unfortunately a dozen of my contacts have 
    been arrested or on the run in Iran . And the ones left are 
    those who are extermely passive sue to the cowardice 
    behaviour of Moussavi and the so called greens who 
    manged to throw the young aspirations into the dustbin!
    by sliding under the Mullahs's tent and denouncing any 
    "real difference" with the Velayat Faghih.
    So that leaves all of those who are real "greens" with the 
    only courageous opposition movement (PMOI) which has 
    been kicked, slaughtered and daggered but has not given in ! .
    I am sorry but at the moment those you find on twitter 
    are the sissies who have less to fear because they are 
    not actually in danger! since they hardly do anything!
    not all of them ofcourse. My real contacts are now on the 
    streets just trying to stay cool till they get a chance to so something
    Tk care"
    Name with held:

    If you could only , take the main henchman to the International Criminal Court >> Al Maliki, it would be a great service to the civilized society in Iraq , the Iraqi people and ashraf residents who are waiting for an0other massacre! since the army is still there and has encircled the camp with big walls of earth!! bounding them to a smaller piece of land and making the whole city as a big prison camp!


    56 2011-04-30_204645.jpg

    The one killing the Ashrafis is the commander of the Iraqi 5th Division,
    Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi, has received a $ prize and 
    commendation from the Iranian Qods terrorist force. 
    Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi is personally responsible in 
    killing 8 P.M.O.I members in Ashraf. He is clearly depicted in 
    various scenes in the massacre videos of April 8th shooting at 
    defenseless residents.

    Jasem Altamimi has had a long history with the Qods forces. In Sep 2007 he was the commander of one of the companies in the first battalion of 5th division in Iraq Karkoosh Garrison in charge of importing weapons into Iraq for the Qods forces, terrorist operations. He was also involved in abductions and murders of many of the youth in the area.

    Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran


    Why the Middle East DISTRUSTS America??? Exactly 
    WHY=  doesn't keep their word,

    Terrorism Charges Dropped Against Iranian Group PMOI 
    after 8 yrs About damn time G- 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Un-ban PMOI




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