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    Tuesday, May 03, 2011

    Al Qaeda, Taliban frightened.

    Paradigm Intel:

    T: Mr. Gerald you buzy
    G: hi just a min, let me fininsh

    G: Ok how ya doin?
    T: “How sound is the news of the martyrdom of Sheikh Osama bin Laden?”
    “O Allah, make this news not true”

    G: Sorry T its true.
    T: “God willing, news is not true. Catastrophic if it is authentic.”
    “Kullna osama bin laden kullna osama bin laden kullna osama bin laden”

    G: he had it comming, and U know this was coming sometime.
    T: “I hope Allah sends them [an] earthquake that will choke them further”
    “May Allah accept his martyrdom and enter him into al-Firdaws with the Ambiya, Shuhada and the Saliheen.This day is the greatest day of shame in the history of Pakistan and what dignity had been left in calling oneself a Pakistani has now gone.

    G: huh, US killed him not Paki.
    T: American so dumb, some times U are just stupie
    ISI was to be protetion OBL, middle of Paki Army school,
    protect him from US.
    He was in fortress 4 meter walls high, 2 meters thick
    armed guards, secret location, very near capital.
    ISI just gave him up to CIA.
    “God damn you, Obama and ISI”

    G: ohh go on.
    T: ISI was protecting him, how else he stay
    in Big beatufil Mansion in middle of Army reserve.
    U are dummy, no.

    G: Maybe just a little slow.
    T: “I hope with tears in my eyes that it is false. But if it is the will of Allah(swt) then may Allah(swt) grant the Sheikh ul Mujahideen, the status of a Shaheed and a place in Jannat ul Firdaus..”

    G: US got his body.
    T: “This has not been confirmed by the Mujahideen what ever the out come Usamah bin Laden is the most influencial man of our times and May Allah accept all his sacrifices ameen”

    G: See for your self.
    T: The ISI will pay for its lies, selling out the al qaeda.
    “It seems obama has secured his seat in the white for the next term. This week only, he proved the world he was born in america by releasing his birth certificate and now he killed america’s worst enemy.”
    No one is safe if US can get our our beloved Sheikh. who was protected by the ISI and
    Paki Military. “And if its true it would be the most shameful moment for the pakistani people who could not protect 1 muslim hero…its a black day and a day when we should keep our voices and gazes lowi personally feel the lowest i have ever felt, we couldnt protect our beloved Sheikh”

    G: I see your point, you may be in deep shit.
    T: NO not me, not Mujahideen, we will turn our rath
    on Paki Mil and ISI, they are in Shitte.

    G: other than that, how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?
    T: What, no meaning?

    G: never mind American joke.
    T: If the Sheikh was not safe, even with ISI protection,
    no one is safe. My commander said to prepare for suicide,
    I tell him UP HIS ASS.
    Only religions nuts, crazy and children do that stupid shit.
    He can find someone else.

    G: Good point, maybe all of you should commit suicide.
    T: Mr Gerald U are bad man.
    Its hard enough to find brothers , Mujahideen who will
    attack Americans, you attack then wait for steel rain.
    It kills most. We fire one shot and US troops fire 1,000.

    G: Sounds fair.
    T: everybody depresed over the Sheikh he was muched loved.
    It feels hopeless, no one is safe now, not even our big brother
    can protect anyone even in Pakistan.
    Cheer all you want kuffar, you only have a limited amount of time in this dunya in which to do it. And then you will see the reality of this life.

    G: sounds more like your time is limited.
    T: Pakistan and the ISI will pay for this, pay heavy,
    they are much soft target than US Troops.
    We will tach Pakistan a lesson they will not forget soon.
    May Allah bring thousands osama to give nusra to his deen

    G: US would kill them all.
    T: Ya ikhwati wa akhawati, hold your horses.
    it is bad, not even the ISI can protect taliban from Drones,
    even in Paki, Many many of our Lieutanants get killes
    all want more money for danger.
    Leaders living in huge mansions, and we eat rice and fish.
    And go without pay many times.

    G: Your Sheikh, he is a human being, not a prophet.
    T: We expect America to try and kills us even the Sheikh,
    but ISI was to protects us gave us sanctuaries, places of rest
    and hiding to attack Afhanistan from.
    The absence of trophy photos, like they had with zarqawi and saddam hussein’s sons, is highly suspicious.

    G: Obama had huge news conference, every TV station in America.
    its true. He bombed Mosques, market places and killed women children
    and muslims.
    T: My father woke me with this news, I had tears…The worst is when I saw the Kuffar celebrate on TV, I felt lousy, we all feel lousy, no hope, if they can get our Sheikh
    they can get at anyone, ISI is usless.

    G: Well don't attack US troops, quit screwing wiht them.
    T: we have changed focus, much easiser to get brave Mujahideen
    to attack Pakis, To many drugs, criminals, perverts.
    At one time we were only hope for Muslim opressed.
    Now Egypt has showed the way, and Libya and they are
    asking for US help, not al qaeda or Taliban, msybe we are done.

    G: It looks like they found a more sucessful way.
    T: But once they looked to us for help, the dream
    of the Taliban Caliphate, Even i would hate that.

    G: so you going to attack US for death of Binny.
    T: Mr Gerald you are so mean.
    for a while we just think , think hard, we need to make
    some changes, younger and younger taking control.
    Field commanders but they are new and get many killed
    for nothing. Nothng os going right.

    G; I expect Binny made a death tape to cheer u up, should
    be coming out soon, more sucides, attacks and jshid BS.
    T: yes some are looking forward to it. they young ones
    eat it up out?
    But the wones who have been here for the past 10 yrs are
    tired, Suicide is not winning it is death, i dont care what they
    say I'm not that stupid. Maybe we get a break rest period.
    Its time for the spring offensive the young and stupid excited
    to die, Older not so much.

    G: US will keep Grinding on you till your all gone, More
    drone attacks, spys, death of your cadre.
    T:The drones are causing much mental problems.
    Crying, hidding, and run aways. Older tired of it
    young soon to die.

    G: well i think the US will accommodate the young.
    What you old -er going to do.
    T: attack Paki Mil and ISI till we feel better.
    Yes it is therie fault, they lied about protection,
    and our leaders always sayng cant pay in full cause
    Paki holds back payments, excuses.

    G: I think you might find a different line of work.
    T: Mr Gerald thanks for telling me true.
    If I get a chance , some day I kill you.

    G: Me too glad to kill you first chance.
    T: later..

    War Anthropologist

    "The actual owner of the house where Binny was killed  is listed as Ahmed Khan but that is a fake name" when in previous blog ( you had said that Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi is the Member of the National Assembly for Abbottabad-I.
    Hat tip London Anonymous.




    Anonymous @AthoofRiyaz said...

    Is this what I think it is? A convo with a taliban guy?
    All they seem to think of are killing and attacking
    something. Their attitude towards americans, the
    way they underestimate americans, it's pretty damn
    disturbing. Did you ever get the chance to ask him
    what he wants out of this war?

    7:19 AM  

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