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    Monday, April 11, 2011

    A real thinking/self aware computer

    More of our INTEL

    To date no one has ever made or programed
    a real thinking computer, NO ONE.

    IBM Big Blue doesn't think, its a calculating
    machine which uses letters rather than numbers.

    I have written Artificial intelligence programs,
    that mimic thought, it takes a couple of hours
    to figure out its not a human your talking to.

    I can program humor, anger even religion.
    But it doesn't think.
    It never thinks "Now thats a great thought"
    It mimics. It even comes up with seemingly
    original thoughts, but they are only associations
    of your concepts as you type to the program.
    It and all other computers have NO idea
    what they are saying, even though they
    feel VERY HUMAN.

    But I watched a program on Nat Geo.
    which I saw the possibility of a real thinking
    machine, at least a good paradigm of one
    maybe with even a proof of concept available.

    Its a hypothesis about retrovirus and the development
    of human thought.
    Fascinating and some interesting proofs and interesting

    If we can develop a bio computer, using some cell biology
    to do math, calculate.
    Biocomputers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And inject a retrovirus.
    Some scientist in the Natl Geo show think they
    may have found a self replicating retrovirus.
    And developed a hypothesis it injected itself
    into simple slime cells to generated a nucleus.
    And more complex forms or life. And eventually
    humans. Good show well presented, and explained.

    And therefor at least the paradigm for a real
    thinking computer exists.
    Still a lot of questions unanswered, kind of bio cells.
    which retrovirus, and the Time question.
    In nature I expect the change from slime to other
    maybe in Geological time frames. Can that be
    greatly accelerated?

    Scientists harnessed prowess of fast-replicating bacterial viruses to accelerate evolution of biomolecules in the lab

    Some day we may have arguments with our
    thinking computers.
    "YES I do want to know about XYZ,
    even if it is a waste of my time,
    just give me the data, damn it."

    The fun ahead




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