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    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Libya Anti-Qaddafi forces Al qaeda

    More of our INTEL

    Interesting paradigm shift.
    Our paradigm Intel has recorded
    some unusual shifts.
    And we worked to develop a Hypothesis
    to fit these changes.

    The next day after warthogs and anti-Armour
    choppers arrived on station they were withdrawn.
    And the US Air force was also withdrawn from

    All this happened shortly after CIA got boots
    on the ground, and were doing a sitrep.

    Did the CIA discover the anti-Qaddafi forces
    and leaders connected to al qaeda?

    In Libya: Rebel Strongholds Now, al Qaeda Wellspring Then

    Did Obama discover through the CIA US forces
    really were supporting al qaeda forces?

    Did the choice come down to al qaeda or Qaddafi running
    Libya? Which evil is lesser?

    We were involved in the Egyptian demonstrations
    supporting them, and talked to many, providing
    Cyber Security, medical help and other operations.
    Same in Syria.

    And we never ran into demonstrators threatening
    to turn CIA provided weapons on Americans.
    We have run into this in Libya? Twice.

    While by no means a scientific or statical sampling,
    it gave me pause.

    While I wanted to stop Qaddafi from killing
    demonstrators I don't want al qaeda running

    And that hypothesis explains Gates attitude
    in reference to American boots on the Ground
    and the pull out of the Air Force.

    Jeeze Qaddafi or al Qaeda, guess I would lean
    towards Qaddafi. But there should be a third option.
    But it looks like the CIA didn't find one.

    Shucks, jeeze, damn.

    If Iran or al qaeda is able to start a uprising,
    US is hard put not to support it, and look like
    US is anti-Ummah.




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