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    Monday, April 04, 2011

    IATT Cyber capabilities

    More of our INTEL

    We have been asked about our capabilities by
    the FBI, CIA,Anonymous and others.

    Even under threat we have declined specific
    information on our capabilities.

    To divulge our capabilities would limit operations.
    To define them could nullify their effectiveness.
    For the FBI we put together a power point about
    some of our operations that produced actionable
    Intelligence that they used.

    Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    The Anonymous commodore in the Iranian operation
    whom we worked with/for asked for our capabilities and
    even threatened my destruction.
    So I battened down all the hatches, called up all our
    LPs and defense forces and alerted our counter surveillance
    teams, and then reported to him for "Destruction",
    he declined stating we were too valuable and would be
    a waste of resources.

    On the Iran operation Anonyous had a mole problem,
    which we solved but they were concerned with our
    method and the kind of data we could collect and
    broke off all communication with us.
    We deleted all files related to this operation.

    Another Intelligence agency caught us tracking
    one of their agents, and still take our reports but
    have cut off all communication.
    They tore his notebook apart, examined every
    byte and didn't find anything.
    We had reported some critical info and wanted
    to be sure it was followed up on so we tracked him.
    They did dispatched him to Europe for
    follow up on our Intel.

    We live and learn.

    Our Agents are fully cloaked, stealthed, covert, secure, linked 
    by encrypted IM and communications channels.
    We leave no tracks or can drop a false trail leading
    where we want.

    We use BSU's, Bot Surveillance Units, 100,00+
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What are BSUs.
    and Pradigm Intel.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is "Paradigm Intel"
    And COWs, Cyber Over Watch
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Don't have a COW man

    And other forms of Intelligence collection.

    Some times we use traps specific to our target.
    Some traps have been set for 10 yrs now, waiting
    for a trigger, on some targets we have set as many as 7

    Some of our operations, strikes include chain functions
    where up to 45 different methods are employed, like
    fired from an automatic weapon.

    We have also used persistent threats, setting waiting for
    a slip in opsec to perform.
    Other monitor conditions looking for effective environment
    to activate themselves, any slip in security.
    And we use vectoring, many methods any IT professional
    knows about, and would exclaim they only work 10% of the
    time and retrieve only small amounts of data.
    But when you chain many of these simple methods
    together each reporting different, bits and pieces some
    times you get a big actionable picture.
    Or vector an method kind of like triangulation.
    If we can get some good triangulations we have
    a good hit.
    Some methods are like an automatic weapon,
    and just fire off a chain of ventures.
    Others are like a shotgun, and are not surgical
    in strike capability, but a broader approach.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban webmaster, IPs ...
    Some are limited to tracking, others limited
    to obtaining packets.
    Kind of like building blocks, we package
    an attack with specific blocks for specific
    Lock n load packages/blocks and fire.

    Some are random traps looking for a very
    specific demographic, or individual.

    There are sniper teams, recon teams even
    combat teams.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Cyber Sniper 
    We have cyber side arms and a heavy cyber weapons
    squad, and believe in self defense as reasonable cause
    to strike world wide. We will defend ourselves.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and ...

    The FBI requested some specific info
    and I assigned a team to do Google searches,
    These are vertical searches, common Google search,
    they had 10 hrs and 4 members to find the data
    requested, they failed.
    I used a horizontal search method and recovered
    the data from Google in an hour, Google didn't index the info
    we wanted but I was able to wring it out of Google
    with a different method. Horizontal search.

    And have contacts with a dozen Intelligence agencys.
    Both inside and outside the US.
    And a full battalion to draw upon, our public
    Company "C" .
    We are looking for good Hackers.
    Key members are vetted.

    Our Osint is sweet and addictive, and comprehensive.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside view of IATT..
    And now with Twitter, real time.

    This is a small look into our capabilities and methods,
    and by no means representative of out full capabilities.
    But you get a general idea of how we work.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Internet Anthropologist Team

    We welcome Secret sources: Secure, encrypted,
    cloaked communications channel will be set up for you.
    And set up Cyber Over Watch.
    We go to great lengths to protect your ID.
    Even from the US Government, the News reporters shield
    applies to .Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    10 yrs experience, tried and true.
    We can with hold your ID from US Gov. if you so
    wish. Or don't give us your ID.
    Initial contact:
    Pick a site here: 
    Post info and send me the URL.

    Iran, ISI, Mil, Gov, IRCG, MOIS. Japan Whalers, Taliban, al qaeda
    all welcome.



    From the Executive branch, Intel agencys
    and Feds.

    "You're well known, frankly, the best at the game."

    " It is rare to find original source, no-blink,"

    Feds have said; "no complaints about Your Intel, None.."

    From a Government Intelligence Contractor:

    "Your site is known for reliable and timely intel. All the

    other bloggers, including xxxxxxxx are just cutting and

    pasting open source info. Yours offers original source

    info you can't ( get ) anywhere else.

    One of my best contacts is XXXXXXXXX program, they have

    asked about your intel a couple of times last year, so I

    know they are watching every day along with several direct

    contacts up range at XXXXX. No one else is doing what you


    Thanks G


    Blogger M1 said...

    There's a huge and obliterating Kindle-ad smack-gob in the middle of your web-pge. What gives?

    12:34 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Asymmetric warfare, Goolge killed our adwords, we appealed 3 wks ago, NOTHING, GOOGLE HAS BEEN PENETRATED.
    AD IS to make up for ad $ loss,


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