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    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    US Deer in the headlights of the demonstrators.

    US intelligence and administration seem to
    be caught like a Deer in the headlights of 
    the demonstrators.

    Are the demonstrations good or bad even 
    for the people? The popular answer is
    of course the demonstrators are getting 
    rid or abusive regimes.

     But nobody knows whats coming, who
    will the next governance be?
    Will the people actually be better or worse
    off, and again the popular answer is
    of course it will be better, but actually
    nobody knows.

    What is the best for the USA?
    And I hear how the Evil US empire
    supports all these bad guys.
    The US brings alot of pressure against
    regimes abusive of its people, but
    they have to deal with what ever regime
    is in power. 
    It is not USA's responsibility to change
    bad regimes, they don't have that mandate
    or authority.
    In the case of Afghan and Pakistan its 
    been a 10 year response to an attack in 
    USA on 911.

    And any future attacks on USA can expect
    a heavier response, but US has seen the 
    difficulties in trying to change regimes,
    the SysAdmin science just isn't there
    yet, and its very problematic and expensive.

    And US doesn't have a good handle on
    Infowar yet, they are getting their asses
    kicked by the Paki Mil and Taliban, ISI in
    an all out infowar in Pakistan.

    There is a wolf chewing on the Paki leg
    the Taliban, and Pakistan views US as the
    enemy. And providing the Wolf safe havens
    in its own country. Pakistan spends more time
    protecting the Taliban than fighting them.
    Some how the paradigm has gotten turned
    upside down.

    Who are the leaders of these demonstrations?
    Who are they inside? pro-American, Pro-Al qaeda
    fundamentalist, secular? 
    Nobody knows.
    We do know who the demonstrators are.
    Most of the people in these countries.
    But that doesn't guarantee a good regime or
    even a democracy.

    US Intelligence has never seen a force like this
    before, and missed them on their radar in the
    beginning and are scrambling in almost war zones
    to better understand WHO they really are.

    And one faction says stay out of it.
    Its their countries, their choices, their Governments.
    And US aid is often spun as having imperial motives.
    Intervention for oil.
    Public help is suspect, and too little to late,
    covert help is viewed as suspect also
    Either way interfering in another nations workings
    and ulterior motives.

    The primary problem is no one knows who the
    leaders are in some cases there are no leaders,
    and no assurances they will move towards democracy.

    Of course everyone roots for the underdog, and against
    abusive regimes, but this is a very new paradigm.
    And many uncertainties abound.

    If it turns out bad, and US intervenes they will be blamed.
    However if US does nothing, they will also justly be blamed.

    This demonstration force, will of the people is spreading
    world wide, it will eventually come to China and Russia and
    in some form even come to USA.

    But USA can do some things safely .
    US can support its fundamental seminal beliefs, 
    world wide.

    Belief in democracies, freedom of speech
    and  personal freedom.

    Support actions to insure access to WWW,
    and free communication.

    USA can find a fundamental mandate,
    in its Constitution and support those freedoms
    world wide and without fear.

    US can't be a witness, a bystander,
    they are a world power and we are viewing
    an opportunity to demonstrate this leadership
    in a new paradigm.

    Support fundamental freedoms with both
    allies and enemies and act to insure those rights.

    Secure communication channels, access to the WWW,
    and even cell phone access.

    Until the paradigm of Who they are clears up,
    US can support human freedoms without regret
    or doubt.

    War Anthropologist

    Economic nuclear melt down


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