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    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Taliban radio traffic

    Caution adult language:

    Location: POL-E-KHOMRI, Afghanistan
    Radio traffic: Between Afghan Government fighters and the Taliban.
    Click click:"You sons of Jews. You servants of infidels. You brought others here to occupy Afghanistan. You brought people to kill innocent Afghans. You are responsible. You motherfuckers. You sons of whores."

    Click: "Murderers, You servants of the Pakistanis. You brought Punjabis, ISI officers [Pakistani spies], Arabs, and Chechens here. You robbed millions of girls of an education. You destroyed this country to please your foreign masters."

    Click click: "You will pay ransom. If you are men, why don't you fight us? Why do you hide like women? Why do you hide like foxes? Come out, sons of Jews."

    Click: "Come talk, steaming glasses of green tea and bowls of sugared almonds await, The operation is starting in two days, Now is the time to negotiate. Come join the Government. If any of your men rape the local women, I will hang them."

    Click click: " "Mr. Commander, if you allow us, we want to launch our own operations first." 

    Click:"Against the other Taliban? "

    Click click: Laughter "No. We want permission to kill the district governor "

    Click click: "Then we decided to stay with the insurgency, for the time being anyway. "

    The criminals would fight for whoever paid them.
    One call was to warn about "two Punjabi suicide attackers" in the area. He got another warning about a suicide car bomber driving around the district, looking for enough policemen or soldiers in one place to carry out the detonation. Security for all the bases was stepped up. 

    "You cannot hurt anyone's life, dignity, or wealth in any circumstances. If you take an Afghan's pride away, he will kill himself to get revenge. "

    The battle for Afghanistan is a battle for public opinion, and most Afghans just want to be on the winning side. With the push for "transition" to Afghan security control, the country's forces are on the offensive, eager to show NATO they can take territory from the insurgents. For ordinary people, then, "transition" may mean that one group of gunmen is replaced by another, Taliban exchanged for arbakis. And reintegration may mean it is the same group of gunmen all along.





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