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    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Pakistan & US End game.

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    The Davis case etal, is problematic for US.
    And may signal an End Game for the Afpak

    In view of recent events in Egypt, the Afpak
    people maybe the best force to bring about
    change in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Pakistan has just gotten weird, seeing the
    CIA behind Taliban suicide attacks and
    that propaganda is gaining a foot hold in
    the hearts and minds in Pakistan.

    Pakistan continues to try and tame the
    Wolf in their mist. The Taliban and
    Al Qaeda.

    If it appears the insurgents/terrorist
    are going get access to the Paki nuke
    weapons then US and others would be
    forced to take them out. Kineticly or
    a Stuxnet type operation.

    Afpak actually is 3 countries, Afghanistan
    Pakistan and Pashtunastan.

    Pashtunastan is actually in the center of
    the other two.
    Click to enlarge.
    The dark brown area is Pashtun.

    The Pakis and Afghani have to get a visa
    to enter the area from local tribes.

    As Cell phones and the WWW grow in Afpak
    so to will the power of the people/ummah.

    And down the line we may see an Egyptian
    situation develop, where the people seize power.
    And that would most probably mean a new country
    Pashtunastan, the dark brown area above.

    And then the world could deal with the Taliban as
    a state power, Pashtun, which would have significant 

    US will be blamed for all the bloodshed after they
    with draw, and it will be considerable.
    It will be a bloody re-balancing of power.
    Paki vs Afghan using the Taliban.

    And a fight for power in Paki with the Taliban.
    The Chinese maybe helpful in that situation
    and in securing the nukes, they have 10,000
    men in Paki now, under the guise of flood aid.

    We have set forth some ideas for assisting
    Afpak during the US pull out. Without crashing
    their economies.

     Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US could be out of Afpak in 6 mos...

    US has tried very hard and faithfully to bring 
    about a peoples democratic government 
    in both Afghan and Pakistan, and both regimes
    have chose to play the Great Game instead.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Paki and the Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: $10 billion UDS Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of ...

    Corruption is rampant in both countries.
    And the state of the art of SysAdmin just isn't
    up to the challenge.

    I don't see an effective method of dealing with
    the Pakistani duplicity involving the Taliban.

    The Arrest of the Diplomat Davis is the writing
    on the Wall, the Trust between the CIA and ISI
    is gone, Paki has failed as an ally in the GWOT.
    Even providing safe havens for the terrorist,
    the Taliban in Waziristan.

    Reason behind Davis arrest.
    Drone attacks on Taliban safe havens in Paki.

    At some point the US will have to admit
    Pakistanis duplicity with the Taliban.
    And withdraw.
    US has put Billions $ into the building
    of Afpak and thousands of American lives.

    Pakistan had the opportunity to rid its self
    of the wolf, instead they moved the wolf
    into the house and are trying to train it as
    the wolf chews on their leg.

    They wasted the Billions of usd and US
    support for them against the Taliban
    and instead chose to play the "Great Game"
    greed, deceit, corruption and double dealing.
    ISI will go down in history as the primary
    cause for the coming Paki implosion.
    Short term the whining Pakis will blame
    US for the pull out and ending funding,
    forgetting the American diplomatic hostage
    the ISI took, Davis. And how that destroyed
    American confidence in Paki and safety in

    Paki missed a chance to move their civilization
    ahead a century in just one decade.
    Expect they will loose control of Pushtu area,
    as it will secede.

    One needs a willing partner and Pakistan
    has never been a true partner.
    They blew it.
    Pakistan has failed in every area as
    a partner. And they will reap the whirlwind
    America can't trust Pakistan now, its gone.

    War Anthropologist

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Drone offensive much more successful 
    than US knew


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