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    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Japan nuclear meltdown IV.

    Another problem. The salt in the sea water
    was boiled down by the heat, encrusting the
    fuel rods. increasing the heat.
    Making an explosion more likely.
    A Chernobyl type event.

    There are an estimated 90,000 pounds of
    salt encrusting the fuel rods now.

    The reaction to this new problem should
    be to expand the danger zone and evacuate
    more people.

    And pass out iodine pills.

    The 50 heroes, 3 hospitalized.
    With burns.

    The Japan nuclear accident has become an experiment.
    This is all in a unknown area now.
    Best nuclear minds working on it.

    White smoke usually means relatively harmless steam, which has low radioactivity, maybe two or three times the “normal” background radiation. Black smoke, though, is bad news. That smoke is directly from the burning of spent fuel roads. Radiation soars to 1,000 to 1,500 times normal. Once the rods ignite, they never go out. Even keeping oxygen from those fiery rods does nothing, since the reaction is nuclear and requires no oxygen to burn.
    Think of the sun it requires no O2 to burn.

    TEPCO detected zirconium 95 at 0.23 Bq 330m south of Fukushima-1 drainage outlet on Wednesday.
    This would indicate nuclear fuel cladding melting from rods in spent fuel pool.

    If the fuel rods catch fire they need to cap it fast, they
    will just spread radioactivity on the winds, and rain.


    From our source inside beltway:
    "Japan, the reactor complex is done forever and will likely be entombed in lead-pellet cement and Thoric Acid ASAP and an exclusion zone of at least 5 kilometers for 50 years.  There will be ground water contamination into the Pacific for many years also.  The airborne and seaborne radio-isotopes will make it to the US and HI and Pac Islands for many years to come, just very diluted."

    Entombment equipment on site, currently pumping just water.

    Brave First responders, 

    Fukushima nuclear plant The 50.

    Radiation Dictionary CDC. 


    Japans nuclear meltdown I 
    Japans nuclear meltdown II

    Japan nuclear meltdown III
    You are on # IV
    Japan nuclear meltdown V next edition.

    Exclusive: IAEA confronts Japan



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Don't know who you are , or what your message is, but I totally agree, anything could happen, and looks like it will. It only takes one to tango, and there is a line of four of them wanting to dance. Just to mitigate against future opinions/actions, they should be inviting every man and his dog in to help them out. Certainly seems like lots of help on the table.


    10:20 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Read your post here on the problem of salt coating the reactor at 8:00 AM EST. Did not see the same story anywhere else for at least four hours. Great coverage and great info as always. - @meowatthesun

    9:19 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Thanks, we have good sources and BSU's.

    9:47 PM  

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