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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    God Bless the US Military

    Americans expect more of their Military
    than the Greeks did of their Gods.

    Along with the assumption they will always
    prevail, and bring overwhelming force to the Battle,
    is the expectation they can dominate all domains.

    In WWII the US faced a technologically superior 
    enemy the Germans, they had Jets, tiger tanks, Missiles,
    nerve gas, even working on a Nuke. At that time civilians
    were legitimate targets for both sides in the war.

    The US even use atom bombs on Japan a mortal enemy.
    Since that era the US Military has instituted a new paradigm.

    Now civilian deaths are unacceptable, they not only don't
    target civilians they try and avoid collateral damage.

    The US has been engaged in a limited war for 10 yrs now.
    In Afghanistan and Pakistan, invested 22 Billion dollars in

    And while so engage have managed several actions in as
    many as 5 other countries, and run humanitarian aid to Hatti
    and Japan as well as aid in their Nuclear rector problems,
    and in very short order, swung back to the Mediterranean 
    to provide cover, command and control to a policing action
    in Libya even during an economic recession. 

    No other force on earth could provide that kind of service
    in depth and on short order.

    The US Military is truly remarkable, unique, a fine world 

    They helped defeat both Japan and Germany installed
    democratic Governments and gave the countries back
    to the people, NOT VERY IMPERIAL.

    The world owes the US Military a 'thank you',
    For its size and power it is remarkable free of
    corruption, while it is subject to foibles of 
    the humans in its organization, and has found
    the bad actors and punished them.

    But because of the US Military the world
    isn't run by Nazis or al qaeda.

    The middle East in the middle of a re-birth,
    its people clamoring for a form of democracy,
    fairness and chance at the good life.

    And while the US Government stumbles
    with this new 'People paradigm' the US
    Military stands ready to assist, protect and
    aid the World.
    And does a fine job at an impossible task.
    The new learning curves, paradigms are difficult
    and the Military takes them all on, adopting
    to any situation, climate or domain.

    History will show the US Military as an humanitarian
    force of unequaled proportions and self checked power.
    I salute all past, present an future members of the
    US Military forces. SALUTE.

    And thanks for making the world a safer place
    for all to live.

    War Anthropologist.
    Cyber Warrior



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