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    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    Taliban and toys for the Boys

    More of our INTEL

    C.J. CHIVERS has a post about captured Taliban
    weapons and some great photos,

    The Afghans are experts at making copies of most
    hand arms, but lack the exact metallurgical  capabilities.
    So there maybe some safety issues with the copies they
    make. Including the 1915  Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle
    knock off. 303 round.

    Taped wooden cracked stock. Is not going to be accurate.
    Authentic stamping:

    The Taliban favor the AK47 and its round favorably
    compares to the 3030 round American hunters use,
    very similar ballistically.
    The round has inferior cavitation compared to the 3006,
    and inferior hydrostatic shock in some cases.

    The Lee Enfield fires a 303 cartridge, which are not
    generally available in Afghan.
    And was converted by a company in India to a Nato round.

    The 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge is similar enough to the commercial .308 Winchester that the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) considers it safe to fire the NATO round in weapons chambered for the commercial round
    The cartridge itself offers similar ballistic performance in most firearms to the .30-06 Springfield that it replaced in U.S. service.

    My deer hunting rifle is a bolt action 3006 I've used since I was 13,
    its combination German and Japanese parts, a sniper rifle from WWII.
    I use a modified sniper sling for accuracy.

    In the service I trained on an M14 ( Effectively a 3006 round ) in Basic
    and a M16 in AIT.
    And preferred the 3006.

    Click to enlarge:

    I also qualified on the M60 shoulder fired machine gun, effectively
    a 3006 machine gun.

    The 3006 has superior cavitation compared to the AK47,
    and superior hydrostatic shock in all cases. As is the M16

    The AK47 is an inferior caliber.


    I qualified "Expert" with the M16
    And got a trophy for the best shot in the Battalion,
    its in my mil record, It was stolen in a burglary.
    I wonder if I could get a copy of the Trophy,
    Brass Guy, standing position with a M14. ( not M16, Army? )
    Bet the Afghans could make a copy.
    Now If I could just get over there.

    Laminated wood stock.
    without a Butt this would be used to spray shells and announce the 
    location of the Taliban targets.



    Personal note:
    In memory of Dad.
    Was deer hunting with Dad, about dusk, heading back
    to camp, he pointed out a 1" branch about 200 yds away,
    and said lets see how good a shoot you are.
    I engaged snipers sling drew 30-06 down hard and steady,
    looked thru scope and fired.
    Branch still stood, Dad laughed and laughed.
    I suggested we go over and look.
    Their was a bullet hole right thru middle
    of branch still connected on both sides.
    I laughed all the way back to camp.
    Great times.



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