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    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    New Cyber paradigm: Safety watch

    More of our INTEL

    Well the couch potatoes  have work to do.
    Good news is they don't have to move,
    or do anything different, just change
    channels to WATCH VIOLENCE on TV.

    This will diminish that violence.

    I discovered this new paradigm while
    watching the revolution in Egypt on TV.

    A group of protesters had captured
    what appeared to me a Egyptian gov agent,
    and he had stabbed some one.
    The man holding him had his ID card and
    knife in his hand.
    Thats my interpretation.

    Many around the captured man were pummeling
    him severely.

    Then one man with a cell phone jumped between
    the man and those hitting him, showing the attackers
    a photo on his cell phone, and he then pointed to the
    camera he couldn't see.

    He  was showing them a photo of them beating
    the man from TV, and could tell from the photo
    the general location of the camera.

    When the other realized their actions were
    being broadcast they quit beating the other man.

    The couch potatoes scored one.
    Their observation of the violence
    caused it to stop.

    CP you are LEGION you can stop
    violence, keep watching.

    Do not hang your selves in desperation and depression.
    If you feel depression coming on TURN THE TV OFF.


    Observation Note:
    Al Jazeerra is winning the Sweeps, first and best coverage
    On the web 24/7 to everyone in the world.
    They are what CNN used to be.
    Broadcasting to the World.

    Al Jazeerra awarded the prestigious "Internet Anthropologist Think Tank"

    CNN, MSNBC, fOX broadcast only on TV to Americans
    and no web live coverage. Second best, failing grades.



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