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    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    Mubarak inciting riots

    More of our INTEL

    Egypt State TV promoting riots, showing only pro-Mubarak demonstrators.

    Hiding behind home made shields.

    Control of square shifts, currently center and upper right are pro-Mubarak forces.
    Pro Mubarak on top of buildings using satellite dishes as Shields

     on top of buildings raining down rocks
    Stock piling stone ammo

     Police ID taken from pro-mubark rioters

    Reporter peaking out window and reporting
     Camel assult
    Choppers over head
    Click for source:

     Military making arrests

     dispersing and separating crowds.

    Mubarak counters protesters with riots.
    Egyptian Army support in question.
    Army standing by letting forces fight it out.
    Situation continues to deteriorate more violent.
    Mubarak forces using petrol bombs, I've seen
    a dozen of them thrown, and his forces have
    ambulances. And tear gas.
    Small arms automatic fire I heard near Sq.
    Under these development Mubarak should be exiled from



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