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    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Egypt demonstrations exclusive photos #3

    More of our INTEL


     Click to enlarge

    Kids Making Molotov bombs, adult lower rt supervising?

    Protection from rocks, they come like rain,

    Troops deployed.

    Children making Molotov bombs

    We watched kid with blue head band walk off with completed bottle.

    Water tankers brought in.

    Van runs down protesters: HIT AND RUN...

    Pushing a burning car across bridge

    Dragging bodies across bridge click to enlarge.

    One of the Security forces seizing reporters cameras

    Kids making Molotov bombs Click to enlarge

    Paradigm Intel:
    Sectary of State H.Clinton was up all night first night of demonstrations,
    monitoring situation.
    see her photo and compare to her regular PHOTOS. HERE

    Photo Journals:

    #2 Mubarak inciting riots

    #1 Egypt live streams of demonstration




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