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    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Case against Mubarak: deceit

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    From my Tweets:

    Story on the exploding Egypt “envoy,” Frank Wisner:
    Lobbyist Just got Mubarak off the hook, good till Sept.
    Screwed Obama. Lobbyist setting foreign policy rescued

    Mubarak usesVodafone incite riots agin demonstrators,his sediments disingenuous,hypocrite,prevaricator,unprincipled reprobate.

    Mubarak waging infowar propaganda spin mach,lies of payoffs & foreign agents among protesters,& news.   building to blood climax

    Suleiman covertly gives orders during newscast to pro-Mubarak thugs to attack reporters,blaming foreign reporters for unrest,

    CNN is caring video of Fire truck running down protesters,

    At what point does the  Army call a stop to Mubarak's Shenanigans? Abuse of the people? Deaths, Lies and duplicity?

    Shafiq promises full indepth "Russian" investigation into deaths, G

     state papers lying about Mubarak thugs,claiming millions turn out,in support of mubarak,same with state TV,deceitful,insidious

    Mubarak is creating chaos,to claim only he can restore the order, hypocrite,prevaricator,unprincipled reprobate,

    Mubarak says he doesn't want to see Egyptians fighting each other,& sends in the Pro-Mubarak thugs, how can any one trust him?

    New def of  50,000 Egyptians on the street,G

     to Amanpour: 'If I Resign Today There Will Be Chaos'... YES  much prefers this,

     regime finger prints all over,snipers,reporters abuse,deaths and fire bombing,and pro-mubarak thugs,forensics will show

    chain of evidence:hacking of Vodafone order pro-Mubarak forces to Mustafa Mahmoud square back track that to regime/perp

    3 dead, head shots snipers, G   shot in the DARK, near bridge Cario, unable to confirm Green lazers,

    All these actions argue for Mubarak's fight to the End, not of someone giving up power.

    Photo Journal 
    #1 Egypt live streams of demonstration
    #2 Mubarak inciting riots
    #3 Egypt demonstrations exclusive photos 

    Mubarak's Game plan.




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