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    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Arabs teach the World abt WWW

    More of our INTEL

    The new Internet paradigm has caught the world by surprise.
    And the Arabs and Muslims lead the way in this new paradigm.
    ( And Persians, sorry G )
    The terrorist have sought to exploit the WWW for over 1o yrs,
    and with only a modicum of success.

    The Arabs etal have been observing and learning.
    And are turning regimes upside down.
    The Persians were the first to pilot the way.

    Using the WWW to organize an entire countrys
    population for civil disobedience and protest of
    a regimes Government.

    And as the strife in Egypt demonstrates this was
    not an American or Israel undertaking.
    They would not risk destabilizing a big
    supporter of the GWOT.

    USA didn't even see this coming. No Idea.
    This rise of a new Internet Power has caught
    everyone by surprise.

    And the Persians and Arabs are teaching everyone
    how to use this new power.

    The West created the tools, Face Book and Twitter,
    And the Muslims are showing the world how to use
    them to obtain Freedom.

    Thus far we have seen only isolated countries effected.
    And this power scares China and many other regimes
    around the world.

    Many Regimes are making changes to stave off a civilian
    peoples revolt, gone are the days of a dictators abuse
    of his people, the people now have the tools to rise up
    against despots.

    Our paradigm intel indicates there is a "WORLD wide PROTEST"
    coming, we don't know the subject or the fuse that will light it.
    (But the potential is stored in the WWW, and available to anyone.
    Inside the core, those in the gap may not have access, but that is
    changing with cell phone evolution into browsers.)

    Maybe the Wall St Banks robbing the world? Maybe NOT.
    USA criminally Bankrupted

    The WWW is providing a balancing paradigm, a ability to shift
    and redistribute power. Beyond the reach or control of Governmental
    agencys. CIA missed this revolt. They knew it was possible
    but missed its arrival.

    This embarrassed and gave them no time to pre-plan,
    and the State Dept was behind the curve all the way, scrambling
    to catch up and stay up with developments, 7 days after start
    they are starting to get ahead of curve opting for possible
    rather than optimal.

    After revolt became operational best OSINT was Al Jazeera,
    they provided coverage 24/7 on net.
    American news services failed to provide coverage the first
    8 hrs, then sporadicly and only on TV cable and only to Americans.
    Lack of web broadcasting by American news could have been a 
    catastrophic screw up in the realm of Info wars.

    US not prepared for this new paradigm.

    An old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"
    And we do.
    This is going to get very interesting .

    I also find it amazing the US Mil and Intelligence agencys
    missed this one completely. But they have been behind the
    Internet curve since its inception, the Army invented it and
    and lost interest.

    But the ME countries with regimes are teaching the world
    how to use it, about its hidden powers.

    The world thanks the Persians, Arabs and Muslims.
    Web Power Award to them.

    Internet Anthropologist
    ad Magnum



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