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    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activities

    UPDATE: NO Bankster prosecution for
    You or I would be in PRISON for decades.

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    I charge US Law Enforcement w/ Breech of 
    Oath, Errors & Omissions, Dereliction of 
    Duty; Banksters crimes, Usury,sub-prime,
    Terrorism $$$, G

    end of update;

    To be clear this recession/depression 
    is world wide AND can be back 
    tracked to the Wall St Banks criminal 
    Sub-prime fraud started a world wide
    credit collapse and accelerated the housing
    crash and massive layoffs as it dominoed
    through the economy. While the Banks
    with hold credit from American Businesses.
    Extending and expanding the economic slow down.
    Prison for Bankers? NO
    Wall Street Banks rewarded for causing Depression.
    Not even an Investigation, Billion $ bonuses,
    yes, $700 B inTax breaks, yes, Bailouts yes AND:

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activities, NO limit to their impunity
    or limit on stealing and defrauding American citizens.
    Wall St Banks defraud American troops on the front line in the GWOT.

    Wall St Banks SCREW active duty troops families.
    Wall St banks foreclose and over charge Thousands of active duty US troops.
    NO criminal investigation pending. FBI setting on its hands, awaiting instructions
    from Obama's Attorney General. Congress in reference to Wall St Banks "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil" - Thomas Mann

    Justice is NOT protecting Liberty.

    Banks Overcharged, Improperly Foreclosed on Military Families
    1 day ago
    The true extent of the foreclosure fraud perpetrated by the nation's largest banks ... Under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), active-dutytroops ...

    Military Families' Foreclosure Fiasco ...Jan 20, 2011 ... Revelations That Major Bank Overcharged Thousands of Military Families and Wrongfully Foreclosed on Others Shows Extent of Foreclosure .

    ( Google is affecting our formating beyond my control, Sorry, G )

    This is just and extension of the flagrant fraud in the mortgage market.

    Never has this level of blatant public criminal activity been condoned by Law Enforcement.

    With ALL regulators and law enforcement and Government officials turning a blind eye 

    to multiple level fraud on a level more massive than any criminal activity in history.

    The Wall St Banks have achieved something the Mafia only dreamed of.

    Bribery on a scale and level that none of their criminal activities are ever investigated,

    although done in the full eye of the public, and encompass Trillions in theft from

    Americans and Countries world wide in an ongoing criminal enterprise that 

    covers every level of the Banking Mortgage paradigm.

    From the Sub-prime criminal debacle  in issuing fraudulent loans based

    on fake paper work, and income stats.

    To a criminal conspiracy to mark up this "D" grade paper up to "AAA".

    With the collusion of debit and credit agencys.

    Sell this known toxic paper world wide, generating Trillions of dollars from

    their criminal enterprise.

    The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan has admitted

    he knew of the problem and did nothing.

    The Wall St Banks pumped this toxic paper out is such volumes

    it almost brought down the credit system World Wide.

    Then blackmailed the Federal Reserve into pumping over $2

    trillion dollars into the banks and another $700 Billion from

    the US Government in the form of bailouts from us tax payers.

    And then paid out Billions in bonuses for the profits generated

    in their criminal enterprise.

    And to reward the US taxpyers that provided the $700 billion

    dollars in bail out money, the set out and defrauded the 


    Defrauding them in sham courts with falsified Documentation
    and erroneous, false and misleading scam "loan help" programs.
    Telling the home owners to default, then the banks would help them.
    Instead of helping they foreclosed, with bogus paper work.

    And even targeted Active duty military troops and took their homes
    and violated the laws to defraud them of Billions of dollars in 
    fraudulent  illegal interest rates.

    The Wall St Banks continue to run their criminal activities without
    any investigation, FBI looking the other way, Regulators passing 
    laws to try and make the banking crimes legal.

    The Republicans even passed tax breaks for these Banking Billionaires,
    $700 billion they don't have to pay in taxes while at the same time
    blocking unemployment benefits.

    And Obama an accessory to the Banking crime family blocking the Justice Dept
    from any FBI investigation into these horrendous, abhorrent , corrupt, indictable, wicked 

    The Wall St Banks have given instructions to the Feds; "We are
    too big to break up".

    And Wall St Banks got "

    GlassSteagall Act 

    " repealed, Which was
    set up in 1933 to control banking corruption. The Combing traditional 
    Banking with Investment Banking. 

    His historical legacy will be one of a massive criminal combine 
    defrauding the American and world on Obama's watch.

    It may turn out the only ones going after the Wall St Banks

    Series 7 & 3

    Gerald floor of NYSE

    Reminder the $2.7 trillion given to the Wall St Banks by the
    Government has put the entire US economy at risk.
    The Feds are now buying Trillions of US Bonds trying
    to support the US bond market and US Dollar.
    If they fail this is can also be attributed to the Criminal Wall St Banks,
    and their manipulation of the US Government and defrauding the American people,
    And causing this recession/depression, and extracting Government awards for
    their criminal actions.

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    Hense the broken paragraphs. Sorry, G
    Our home page is set to display 20 days of posts.
    But the blog will only display 3 days.
    Google has also tanked our page ranking.


    Blogger Sage said...

    Just on the off change you haven't see it yet, Inside Job does an excellent job of revealing all these atrocities in about two hours of compelling viewing!

    11:53 AM  

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