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    Thursday, January 06, 2011

    The Secret Cyber War.

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    The Secret Cyber War.

    There are several secret wars ongoing.
    Secret special ops teams.
    NSA secret Stuxnet, nobody can prove its them.
    and other cyber operations.
    The FBI has a secret cyber arm running 24/7.
    The military has a few secret cyber wars in theater.
    And there is a secret civilian cyber war,
    we are part of that.

    Our operations are designed to keep out of the
    way of Federal operations.
    Before release of sensitive intel we have given
    the Feds a 24 hr kill notice, where we would
    kill the story delete the intel to NSA standards.
    They have activated the kill order only a few times.
    We have tracked cells in Afghan, Germany,
    and USA.
    We have Accidentally uncovered backdoors on
    terrorist computers that lead to NSA and reported
    the method that lead to the discovery.
    We have had moles in al qaeda and they offered
    us money thinking we were terrorist operating
    in CONUS, but the FBI killed the money transfer.
    We have tracked al qaeda after 341 lbs of nuclear
    material from an European University.
    And these are just the operations we can talk about.
    We hunt terrorist hackers and hacker groups and
    webmasters. And monitor and report wana bees.
    We receive death threats and fatwas monthly.

    We have had bot attacks from over a hundred
    PCs and removed the threat.
    Numerous attempts to penetrate our servers,
    and some successful got into our hony pot.

    A few self defense operations taking out the
    attackers and disrupting terror operations.
    And taking down just a few terrorist sites.

    Infiltrating terror groups and forums scraping
    intel and copying over 600 terrorist sites in their

    We run a very effective counter surveillance program
    And over 100,000 BSU's.

    And received some nice kudos from the Feds.
    and have a good reputation among foreign
    intelligence services.

    We have made some errors, a cyber weapon
    went off by accident taking out two of our PCs,
    and Accidentally were tracking one of our own moles
    which was reported to the FBI as a terrorist in CONUS.
    Our BSU's were better than even we thought.
    We took measure to cloak our moles that we thought
    the BSU's couldn't get through.

    We maintain a good cyber war element for
    self defense with a strong offensive capability,
    rules of engagement, stealthed and cloaked giving
    anonymity and freedom of movement in all cyber

    And strong tracing and tracking methods across the
    entire WWW.

    And an intensive demographics operation
    to target our audience, which Google
    is screwing with, a rogue Google employee.
    We suspect Google has been penetrated
    by al qaeda, the US Army and CIA were,
    is Google exempt?

    Paradigm Intel and an paradigm engine help point
    the way for operations and intel collection.
    And actively run a "Social Change Engine".
    And counter propaganda and counter spin

    We thank the 200 or so who support us
    in out Battalions. Company "C" 

    And think we have made a difference
    in the GWOT.

    War Anthropologist



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