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    Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    Open response to General Dempsey

    His Article:

    Response to General Dempsey article.
    The current military is a far cry from when I served in the 70's.
    Your adaptation and paradigm reconfiguration cycle times have been
    greatly shortened and very agile.
    And the restraint of terminal power is to be commended.
    I'm continually amazed and proud of your actions.

    Your last paragraph is instructive, and also applies to Cyber war,
    ie Stuxnet, warfare without casualties, and destruction of the Target.
    A difficult new standard for war. The principles of this type of cyber
    war also need to be  institutionalized and joint operations planed and

    There are unaddressed problems with Cyber war, which so far have been ignored:

    In Afpak theater the allies are working from crossed motivations.

    This tends to short circuit victory.

    Another paradigm that should be reconsidered is "Gifting" billions,
    ans move towards "Investing".
    This paradigm also provides a clean honorable way to exit Afpak
    with Bin Laden or his body.

    As always the Military is on the cutting edge of mankind's most
    difficult endeavor, War, and the USA is handling it most honorably.

    Your doing an amazing job in an impossible context.
    Your nation is grateful, THANK YOU.

    War Anthropologist



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