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    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    Next Blood in Egyptian streets.

    More of our INTEL

    Egyptian protesters full of good will and elated like boyscouts on a jamboree .
    But hanging out in the streets isn't a method to get Mubarak to step down.
    The demonstrators have no plan or strategy to bring Mubarak down.
    Demonstrations are not enough, a week and people go home,need Gandhi 
    and MLK tactics, they took on America, and the British empire and won.
    Just marching thru the streets en-mass won't do, it we have seen that 
    fail in Iran.

    Already many declaring victory or at least they are winning in Tweets.
    Waving flags and singing songs. Thus far they haven't won any thing.

    While Mubarak shuts off water, and cuts off food and supplies.

    And prepares for the next round.
    Blood in the streets, his thugs are instructed to force
    the demonstrators back to their homes by blunt force
    trauma if necessary, and some snipers to kill protesters
    and scare them off the streets, which they will blame on
    the looters, and start a big investigation, maybe even make
    some fake arrests.
    I dread the next Egyptian Nada.

    Paradigm Intel indicates they will declare peace established
    and send the Army back to their bases and bring in the police,
    security agents and street thugs, to do a number on the 

    Most Governments know what is coming and have called
    all their citizens home, US, Turkey, Iraq, Switzerland urge 
    citizens to leave Egypt: Belgium, India, Philippines, China also.

    " Muslim Brotherhood figure tells me on phone this new govt 
    is a "war government" & that MB is preparing for the worst"

    The Government has just re-dispatched security agents through the
    country.  interior minister met with security officials and told them to 
    redeploy everywhere except in Tahrir sq. & to avoid the protesters

    The protesters have no Idea whats coming.
    Some quotes:
    These are representative of the mood of the demonstrators.

    "in short there is simply no way any of these people will go home
    and stop protesting without mubarak stepping down first"

    "This is something everyone has to know, I have never felt safer,
    well protected in my country as i did today"

    "but right now what happens next is determined by what the protesters want/will accept
    regime will fall, a new constitution will be written and free elections will be held, the demands of the people will be met"

    "we are winning seriously"

     "we don't need to look anywhere, the egyptian revolution is winning already"

     "but even this violent reaction has been limited to attacking police stations where torture was rampant"

    Mubarak has been ruler for 30 yrs and the naivete of the protesters is amazing.
    Its like a memory lapse. Many police were killed and we expect retribution
    when they return, Blood in the Streets.

    I pray our assessment is wrong, 100% wrong.


    Mubarak's Game plan

    Wider view Thomas P.M. Barnett 
    U vote; What you think will happen;
    not what you want to happen.



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