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    Saturday, January 01, 2011

    Cyber war = more US collateral dead

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    War just got a lot harder.

    The speed the US Military can
    adapt and change is genius cutting
    edge paradigms.

    The speed feels almost Geometric.
    The next paradigm adaption increases
    at higher rates each cycle.

    Civil war was manual. Hand to hand.
    1860s to 1940 WWII was the industrialization of warfare. Assembly line.
    1945 to 1946? Japan was the nuclearization of war. Atom bomb.
    1946 to 2000? Iraq is the technicalization of war.  Surgical strike weapons.
    2000 to 2011 Afghan is almost the socialization of war. Anthropology
    2010 to 2011Iran is the Cyberization of war. Stuxnet

    The cyberization of war has set a new high mark for
    a successful war.
    US took out Iran's nuke capability without a death,

    Of special note two of these paradigms were still ongoing
    when they started the next paradigm.

    Using the surgical strike paradigm, and started the 
    anthropology paradigm, and while testing both of those
    started and ran a new successful paradigm cyberdization or
    War. Took out the nuclear objectives and without casualties.

    And the US is proficient and experienced in them all.
    The Iraq / Afghan war has been going on for twice
    the length of WWII, and with a fraction of the deaths.

    The last three paradigms have not been used in theater
    in the same war, yet. 

    We are going to see a new form of warfare.
    The paradigm will be to take out targets without
    any collateral damage. 
    Leaders killed, Command and Control out,
    Invisible surgical strikes against hardened
    military targets. 
    And no occupation and low expense.
    The cyber option is by far the most economical,
    cleanest and deniable.

    Yup warfare just got a lot harder.

    Note the cyber option doesn't work well
    out side the gap. 
    So is of limited use in Afghan.

    There is an expectation of no collateral damage
    during war, forming as we read.

    Remarkable part is its blowback proof.
    Hard to argue war with no collateral damage,
    none zero.
    And US troops are trained and experienced in
    NOT bringing the full force of war against even 
    the Taliban. US could raise the kill ratio 100 fold
    if needed. But the Militarys feed back Lupe 
    recognizes that as counter productive,
    and they refrain from massive slaughter.

    With no collateral damage the option of war
    is a little easier to make.
    Cyber option may increase the number of wars
    while decreasing the deaths, to almost zero.

    Very easy to become a bully with that kind of
    power, and it won't be the Military making those
    decisions, just following orders.

    And a conglomeration of Democrats and Republicans
    will be making those decisions. 
    Some how thats just NOT reassuring.

    And during a recession the Republicans voted in
    a $700 billion tax break for Billionaires and voted
    against unemployment benefits, DURING A RECESSION.
    And a criminal Wall St Banking cartel controlling Congress.

    This cyber option is going to be a problem.
    As soon as they get comfortable with it.

    The only effective counter move is kinetic sneak
    attack against CONUS.
    The only attack option open to them, and at US
    softest target. Coast lines?

    Which Iran could be planning now.

    The cyber option could result in more American collateral
    damage. From sneak kinetic attacks.

    That should move our DHS and US coastal defense
    paradigm towards a more focused threat.

    War Anthropologist.


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