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    Friday, January 07, 2011

    Anonymous sets new paradigm.

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    Anonymous sets new paradigm.

    We have talked about this before.

    World Government are going to have to adjust
    The Internet is awakening to its own power.
    The WWW is slowly realizing it has power,
    collectively awakening as its own power.
    Both Wikileaks and Anonymous are part of this
    new paradigm.

    As most new paradigms the kinks are
    being worked out, the US Government
    is assisting wikileaks in developing criteria
    for what can be and cannot be leaked.
    By force of law.

    Wikileaks is not fully aware of the arena
    they are playing in.
    In this arena they play for keeps.
    And they are playing in the big league.
    Wikileaks is trying to get the rules down
    as it develops.
    But an error can result in deaths of wikileaks
    The boys in this league perform assassinations
    as a matter of state policy.
    Many are not as well behaved as the US intellignece
    Russia has been having a problem with its journalist
    dying for just opposing the Russian Government.
    If they even think release A+ B +C = agents death,
    They could retaliate without further proof.

    If wikileaks releases info that results in deaths of
    intelligence assets or agents some Governments
    will take vengeance.

    And wikileaks has become an embarrassment for
    Anonymous, they keep telling me they are all about
    stopping all censorship and are defending wikileaks
    on that basis.

    But Julian has just threatened the Guardian paper
    with a law suit if the paper releases the Stolen
    US cables wikileaks gave the paper.

    Now I don't know how Anonymous will process
    that bit of censorship?
    Wikileaks suckered Anonymous into supporting
    them, while Wikileaks defrauds donors.
    Wikileaks has raised $1.3 million dollars,
    $600,000 is missing and no public audit,
    while Mr. Manning rots in prison and has
    received nothing, zero zip from Julian and
    wikileaks, while flogging him around as a 
    And Julian will gross another cool Million
    on his book deal, Julian got plenty of 
    defense money for his rape charge
    and they let Mr.Manning their Info 
    source swing in the wind.

    When will the public catch on?

    But what is Anonymous to do, they
    went to bat for a corrupt wikileaks,
    and are being made fools of.
    Julian is engaged in the very censorship
    that Anonymous fights so hard for.

    And just how did the US Army let a down load
    of that size go un-noticed?

    This has already hurt info sharing, between the
    Army and State Dept, and will dribble through
    the rest of the Intelligence community.

    We are living through and new era of power and
    info sharing, the paradigm is being formed by all
    sides into a workable form.

    Julian will get burned, Wikileaks will be exposed,
    some leading the DDOS attacks will be arrested
    at Anonymous, and the Army and Intelligence gathering
    arms will tighten up protocols.

    In the end it will come out as a workable paradigm,
    wikileaks replaced, and Anonymous smarter, embarrassed,
    smaller  and more cautious but still in existence.

    Anonymous seems to have confused, censorship and
    privacy and the differences between them.

    cen·sor  (snsr)
    1. A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.
    Releasing US wrong doing could fall under censorship.

    pri·va·cy  (prv-s)
    a. The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.
    Releasing all the cables just because they are secret is a violation of 

    And Anonymous had no idea they were defending a corrupt
    group in wikileaks. They censor their funding and expenses.

    The resolution of this new paradigm is going to be
    painful to many, but in the end will empower the citizens 
    of the World, and hold the Governments more accountable.




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