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    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    Wall St Banks steal homes with impunity.

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    Wall St Banks caught stealing homes through fraudulent
    They are moving people out of their homes before foreclosure 
    complete even emptying homes of possessions before foreclosure
    Bank 'steals ashes of dead husband and ransacks house' after ...

    Telling people they have to be in arrears before they will help
    under new anti-foreclosure laws, then foreclosing because 
    When people call for help the people are given fake phone
    numbers to call for help.
    And faking foreclosure documents.
    Foreclosing on homes that have been paid off.
    Even setting up boiler room courts to rush through
    illegal document to get foreclosures.

    Where is the Dept. of Justice, the FBI's natural paradigm
    is to go after these guys, WHY is DOJ holding
    them back.

    States Attorney Generals are going after
    the criminal banks stealing homes and peoples

    Have the Banking lobbyist got to the DOJ?
    Or is it the White House telling the DOJ not
    to go after the Criminal Wall St Banks.
    Did Obama make a deal with the Criminal
    Wall St Banks?

    I just don't understand how this mystery stands?

    The crime is PUBLIC, and no action is taken.

    How have Wall St Banks become beyond the
    reach of the Arm of Law?
    Exempt from criminal investigations?

    This lack of action puts a pall over the Obama
    Administration, questions the integrity of the 
    Office of the President.

    460% payday loans, loan sharking.
    Sub-prime debacle 
    Gambling instead of investing
    Bail outs by tax payers
    Bail outs by the Federal Reserve.
    Flash Crash.
    Dark pools trading in secret.
    Billion dollar bonuses.
    Billion dollar tax breaks.
    Hiding Madoffs stolen funds.
    Mortgage fraud, selling as sub-prime paper
    Mortgage fraud, foreclosure on home owners.

    The criminal Wall St Banks know NO criminal
    limits and are exempt from Federal Investigation,

    The lack of Federal Investigations in and of its self
    is criminal and will haunt the Obama administration
    and GOP in history.

    How long will the people allow this criminal Wall St
    banking Mafia to continue without check?

    Does the Federal Government think no one sees
    their errors of omission? 

    Does the Federal Government think the public
    doesn't notice this criminal conspiracy between
    Wall St Banks and the Law arm of the Government.

    How long can the Government continue to ignore
    this Criminal combine?

    YOU are noticed, your collusion is evident.
    The people Know.





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