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    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Spy in Google Trips up

    This blog set to display 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    We know his IP.

    If you do a search in the Google search engine for "Anthropologist"
    I show up in the Number 3 slot.
    That means the Google algorithm knows me.
    And ranks me high in the search engines,
    Over 2000 sites link to me and I've been blogging
    for over 10 yrs.

    You see the Google employee, manually blocked
    our Blogs URL

    But he missed my business card link,
    so I still show up at #3.

    Google has NO shame, hand deleted above also, blatant disregard for fair play.
    Abusing their own algorithm, clear sabotage.

    All our blog links for the "Internet Anthropologist Think Tank"
    have disappeared under "anthropologist" search terms.

    Don't even show up in the first 20 pages.

    We don't know the motive of the Google employee
    for blocking our site.

    But Paradigm Intel points the way.

    Is the Google employee a:

    Al Qaeda spy
    Anonymous wikileaks member
    Iranian MOIS
    Anthro group? anti"War Anthropologist"
    Wall St bank connections?

    We continue to Investigate,
    BSU's deployed with new technology.
    Hope to have more answers soon,
    and our blog reinstated in search engine

    Salute to counter Surveillance teams:
    Public apologies for doubting you.

    All of this points to a new paradigm for asymmetrical warfare,
    and a National Security Risk.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The power of Google is scary and their pledge to 'do no evil" doesn't seem to hold water. Very Scary.
    Not many would stand up to Google, God speed.


    3:44 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I would be very surprised if it was a republican. This is Google after all.. Besides, I am a Republican and while I may not agree with your politics, I do admire your work. I check your Twitter and blog posts regularly. Keep up the good work

    6:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You know how you get around it? don't use google.....

    8:04 AM  

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