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    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    NK is testing Obama's resolve like the GOP

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    NK has found a way to test US and S Korea's resolve
    at no risk to NK.

    Kim Jong Il knew when he shelled the SKorean Island
    it would not start a war, that S Korea would need to confer
    with the US forces before any heavy action against NK.

    And by threatening war over SKorea's test artillery 
    he can test just how far he can push Obama.

    He certainly is aware of Obama's deal with the Republicans
    and how Obama caved on the Tax bill, how the GOP threatened
    the poor, threatened not to pass unemployment benefits unless
    the Billionaires got a Tax break, 

    and expects US will
    pressure SKorea into backing out of the Artillery tests on the
    Island. Blackmail seems to work with Obama.

    If SKorea does test the Arty shots then NKorea can back
    down with the upper hand in the name of "Peace and Stability"
    to show the West how reasonable he is.

    SKorea backing down on the Arty shelling would be sending 
    the wrong message to NKorea and just encourage more
    adventuring on their part.

    And the SKorean's would loose enormous face, backing down
    in the face of NKorea's threat.

    If NKorea is attacked it will leave a broken state as legacy
    for his son. For this reason we don't believe NK will attack.

    And there is the possibility NKorea will respond with a war
    against SKorea, in which case their military would be destroyed.
    And would send a strong message to the other rogue nuclear
    country Iran. and end the NK nuke problem.
    After China and SKorea could go in with a rescue mission.
    The US Military has been planning for the "take out" of the NK
    military for years and are itching to green light it.
    And it would clear up alot of problems on the diplomatic side.

    And there is the possibility Kim Il jung maybe suffering from dementia.

    Kimmy wins only if he backs off his threat.
    Or if SKorea back down.

    Either way his costs are nil and ends in him
    claiming the moral high ground, by not attaking.

    But will OBAMA blink?

    Its the only way US can loose in this Gambit.

    War Anthropologist



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