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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Korea confrontation doesn't add up.

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    Korea confrontation doesn't add up.
    Paradigm Intel analysis.

    The full story on the confrontation between
    S. Korea and N Korea hasn't come out.

    Our reportage during incident:

    Both Korea's and US keeping it a secret.

    N.Korea speaks of gift from Sen. McCain 
    and Bill Richardson in place in N Korea
    during incident. And Wolf Blitzer there to
    release news for public consumption.
    All 3 were hand picked by administration.

    N Korea had warned of a nuclear attack
    if S Korea fired towards N. Korea.
    NK had jets on runway and batteries
    on coast at standby.

    S Korea postponed firing because of
    fog, weather reports do not support
    this, temps way to low for fog.
    Clear. High: 41 °F . Wind Calm.

    Paradigm Intel suggests SK
    waited while negotiating with US
    on firing, then made concessions
    to US and fired in reverse direction 
    away from NK. And did not fire for
    full 2 hrs as planned.

    NK made instant Nuclear concessions,
    without any report of of offers from US.

    US did have US Air Force stacked off
    NK coast, enough to take NK C2 out.
    and a host of subs and carriers.

    The gift which has not been reported
    made NK blink, and make Nuke concessions.
    Allow IAEA inspectors in and nuke rods.

    Did stuxnet play a part, had NK nuke program
    failed because of stuxnet?
    What did the Nuke concessions cost US?
    Kimmy did not become a good guy over night.

    The complete story is still a Secret.
    But the gambit did get Koreas past
    a war, and nuke concessions from
    NK and let SK save face.

    Well done Obama, the full story awaits
    He did what years of negotiating 
    couldn't do in the middle of a
    military incident that could have lead
    to war.

    Russia was out of the loupe on this,
    they had closed their borders to N Korea
    pre-incident and expected the worst.
    Kudos all around guys.

    Now tell us the full story.

    War Anthropologist



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