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    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Is Google Evil?

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G
    If pic below doesn't load ASK GOOGLE~

    Our experience with a Google's employee engaging in "Hit Sabotage"
    against our Blog has lead us to investigate Google. Investigation on going.

    We read about the recent hacking of Google and the theft of proprietary

    It just hard to believe there was no personal info stolen, 
    they tracked it back to China.
    NO email passwords, which would give access to all Google documents etc,
    for a Billion users.

    Access to:
    What could they see? 
    Search history,
    all the sites you visit,
    Custom search engines, 
    Friend Connect, 
    Mobile Sync,  
    Shopping List, 

    cookie-based data 
    Google TV

    and all the Google accounts, did Google do a full disclosure on the hack?
    Could they tell of even be sure our pass words were not compromised?
    If you have a Google account you should change your pass word.

    While we don't believe Google is Evil they are a major disappointment.
    They now know about the Hit sabotage and have not made any contact,
    no explanation, no request for some change so we could deal with
    what ever problem Google has with us, just nothing. 

    We know Google's search engine algorithm rates us high
    as my business card is listed at #3 in search results for
    Anthropologist. We expect them to down grade that also.

    It seems there is nothing we can do to alleviate Google's anger.
    We have NO idea why they have engaged in hit sabotage.
    I've been blogging for over 10 yrs and know when my hits
    abnormally low.

    We are just shut out subject to Goolge's avarice, and capaciousness.
    The blog is dying a slow death form hit loss, summary execution.
    No appeal or due process. Google can do this to any blog, even 
    yours. It sure does not feel like "do no evil", while we don't believe
    they are Evil, it sure feels Evil.

    Google's veil of innocence seems to be slipping on many fronts.
    YouTube owned by Google doesn't seem to be able to get
    terrorist videos off the site, just can't seem to recognize an al 
    Qaeda flag.

    But they have no problem keeping some music and boobies
    of the site?

    Other concerns about this conglomerate:
    How to Delete Google“Super Cookies” 
    (Non Deletable Cookies) in Firefox

    Has Google reached the level of Wall St Banks,
    where they can do as they please?
    Can you trust Google?
    I don't believe you can anymore.
    I did, trusted them to use their search ranking non-punitively.
    I'm sure Google security has been all through my Google
    accounts and private data after we started our Investigation 
    of Google. We are investigating.

    As the survival of our blog is at risk we have very
    few options left, sit and do noting or Fight back
    while this Corporate Giant tries to crush you.

    We want our rank re-established by Google's
    algorithm not by the capaciousness of some Google

    Is a congressional Investigation in order?

    We look forward to an explanation 
    from Google.
    Please support us with many visits and reposts.


    "Is Google Evil" search in Google engine
    90,000,000 results
    Update: 1 hour after we posted this
    Google changed the number of results to
    41,600,000 results.
    Google is guilty of misrepresentation, spurious
    search results, but its good to see they are
    following my posts.
    I wonder how far Googles deception will go.
    Its frightening to see how easily they can manipulate
    their algorithm. Google has no SHAME.
    Hmm in an hour 50,000,000 results disappeared?

    Thats links to 50,000,000 millions sites just got
    de-listed. To make Google look better.
    Googles search results algorithm subject to employee
    caprice, whims, 50,000,000 links dumped in one hr
    "Is Google Evil"


    Anonymous Neo Hippy said...

    To read more about Google's start read Don't Be Evil. Hah Hah.

    5:01 AM  

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