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    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    I'm on your PC,know your IP

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    Ok you have rootkit sweepers, malware sweepers and couple of anti-viri programs
    Maybe even cloud security and one of the fancy Security Suites.

    And your data is encrypted, so your safe, Right.

    NSA US pre-eminent cyber warriors say NO.
    Some may view my warning as fear mongering.
    I don't think I can say this loud enough or enough

    We have been saying this for years.
    Security:hyper endemic Epidemic:
    NSA with all their expertise don't think their Secure Networks
    are secure, so what chance have you?

    Little to none. But who would want your info?
    No uber hacker is going to come after you.

    Its not uber hackers going after individuals. 
    Its uber hackers attacking en mass, automated
    attacks on millions and millions of IPs.

    Building bot farms, planting malware, harvesting
    banking logins, etc.
    They sell the info in bulk, your Credit Crard #,
    and passwords etc, sell them by the thousands.

    And the companies who are in a position to notify
    won't even if they know its a criminal porking you.
    The Credit reporting Agencys, they want $10 a month.
    To tell you about your OWN data and information.
    Cost to them is near zero, just send out automated
    emails. But its a Trillion dollar scam, and they benefit
    from the ID theft.

    MicroSofts operating system is not secure and all
    the security vendors in the world have been unable
    to secure it.

    But Google has a new OS on the horizion, if you trust
    them, lot of talk about if Google is Evil.

    I so want to believe Google's Evil is attributed to a rogue employee,
    I want to TRUST Google, I need to be able to trust at least ONE corporation,
    after the Wall St Banking mafia crime spree.

    A secure OS would be another Trillion dollar industry.
    It seems Google is shedding its trustworthiness
    as fast as a lady of the night looses her panties.

    "Is Google Evil"

    So what is one to do?
    Take a tip from NSA.
    Assume your PC is penetrated, your OS compromised
    and  your info on your PC is not secret.

    Only use Debit cards on WWW they can only steal
    whats actually in the account, and can't run up a credit
    bill like on a credit card.

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the assumption that all of the most sensitive computer networksunder its guard have been compromised.
    Speaking at a cyber security forum sponsored by the Atlantic and Government Executive media organizations, Debora Plunkett of the NSA said that they have to build computer systems based on the assumption that adversaries will be able to penetrate them. "There's no such thing as 'secure' any more," she said, reports Reuters.

    She heads the NSA's Information Assurance Directorate which is tasked with protecting national security information systems and networks across the world. "We have to, again, assume that all the components of our system are not safe, and make sure we're adjusting accordingly,"she said. 

    Stuxnet could break out into a private sub-version any time now.
    Its not new just a new application of old technology carried to the 

    The current version of stuxnet was designed to walk through all known
    security programs. READ THAT AGAIN.

    Stuxnet could bring down Iran's nuke program, then
    another version of some one else's Stuxnet could bring
    down US back bone, and infrastructure.

    We are at the beginning of a new era of cyber war.
    The paradigm is just now being understood, and comprehension
    dawning on the risks it exposes our civilization to.

    US used to have a policy of not negotiating with hostage
    takers, but have recently changed the paradigm.
    They do pay, and then go after the kidnaper's and money.
    This sets the US up for an attack on a few utilities
    and collecting ransom for not taking down others.

    NSA has grasped this and the world has a grace period
    they are wasting.
    Eventually the real cyber assault will begin, 
    and the world is not prepared for it.
    They have built their cyber houses on sand
    and a Cyber Tsunami  is coming which could wash
    everything away.

    The world needs a CRASH program to develop
    a secure OS before it hits, every thng is vulnerable.
    Why don't we have a secure OS now, cause Stuxnet
    wouldn't work.
    Error in Cyber security Paradigm.

    War Anthropologist

    Please RT

    Every thing Google knows is subject, suspect, Vulnerable.


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