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    Monday, December 06, 2010

    The al Qaeda cult failed.

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    The al Qaeda cult failed.

    Bin Laden and al Qaeda missed everyone of their goals.
    And his enemies are legion now.

    While he remains an existential threat the paradigm 
    has changed. aq has the will but not the capability.

    The existential threat is present but greatly diminished.
    aq and the Muslim world fear it as much as America.

    On 911 3000 Americans were killed and 10 yrs
    later US is still going after them with undiminished
    zeal, world wide. Terrorist are still dying.

    The activitation of any existential threat would activate
    the entire US Military machine in a carnage unseen in history.

    The reaction to an existential attack is feared as much as
    the attack itself.

    Binny wanted to create a caliph but unlike those of history.
    He is focused on a caliph on the Taliban paradigm, some
    thing the Muslims are not interested in and oppose.
    We know what aq opposes but what are they for,
    a Taliban caliphate, beheadings, suicide bombers, burning 
    girls schools, and a paradigm from the 1700's no Muslim wants.

    For these reasons aq now has more enemies and is hated
    in the Muslim world more now that ever before.

    Binny etal has violated the Quran and Allah's word,
    actively killing Muslims, women and children, civilians
    and bombing Mosques and market places.
    Using suicide bombers and defaming Islam.
    Beheadings, using children to kill.
    Are all Harem and Binny know this.
    But his warped personality causes delusions
    and his sense of a bastardized Islam.

    He screwed up the Iraqi and Afghan wars, lost Afghan
    has gone into hiding like a woman and is AWOL in the

    He has managed to pull disaster from the jaws of victory
    time and time again. While many Muslims admire him for
    standing up to the USA, they don't want to live in his paradigm
    or join his insurrection.

    Since 911 its all been down hill for Binny and aq cult.

    He expected US to build up forces on the borders of Afghan
    and invade or maybe best case they fire some more cruise missiles.

    He never saw 500 CIA agents invading Afghan and driving
    out the Taliban, tucking his tail between his legs he ran
    for cover as the Taliban took his beating.

    Omar knew of 911 but never expected the response
    vented on them.
    The Taliban has reaped the wind for aq errors, US has 
    taken the Gloves off and Taliban losses in past 3 mos
    are at an all time high.

    Binnys delusions lead him to believe the Mujadeen brought
    down the USSR. And believed he could do the same to the

    Right after the Afghan invasion aq leader said "Today we are
    experiencing one setback after another and have gone from 
    misfortune to disaster.” And it has just gotten worse.

    And its been one disaster after another.
    On 911 aq cult had global reach, 
    Now they are limping along with funding
    cut world wide, and firecracker bombs in

    After 911 aq lost two countries, and has united
    the world against them.

    Middle Eastern regimes became stronger than ever, 
    based on a shared goal of defeating violent Islamists.

    He has managed to get half a dozen number 3's
    killed in the aq cult, and 

    After 9/11, Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s number two, 
    acknowledged in a polemical political memoir that the 
    most important strategic goal of al-Qaeda was to seize 
    control of a state somewhere in the Muslim world, 
    explaining that “without achieving this goal our actions 
    will mean nothing.”

    aq cult means nothing, he was right.
    aq has been degraded to a franchise
    with a very low thresh hold for admission
    resulting in rogue and bazaar performances.

    His paradigm in Iraq resulted in a Shia dominance
    and marginalization of Sunnis.
    A decade after 9/11, by Zawahiri’s own standard,
    al-Qaeda has achieved “nothing.”

    aq cults biggest support base pre 911 was Saudi Arabia
    In Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda lost a great deal of support after a campaign of attacks in 2003 that killed mostly Saudis. Saudi society, which had once been a cheerleader for bin Laden, turned against him. By 2007, only 10 percent of Saudis had a favorable view of al-Qaeda. In Pakistan, where bin Laden is presumably hiding out, his popularity is down to 18 percent, compared with 52 percent five years ago. Key Muslim clerics have formally withdrawn their endorsements.

    Before al Qa'ida there were 10,000 to 20,000 americans in the Middle East,
    By attacking the americans al Qa'ida have brought and kept 140,000 american and forgein troops with in the land of two rivers and Afghan for 10 years now.

    aq and the Mujahideen, they have muliplied Islams enemies six fold. And they have Muslims killing Muslims.MUSLIM KILLING MUSLIM, ALL FOR PERSONAL GLORY OF A FEW munaafiqeen.

    The enemies list grows and grows. Al-Qaeda has said it is opposed to all Middle Eastern regimes; the Shia; most Western countries; Jews and Christians; the governments of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia; most news organizations; most humanitarian organizations; and the United Nations.

    aq sowed the seeds of its own destruction.
    and continues its self destructive process.

    While in its death stupor US Attorney-General Eric Holder highlighted the sharp increase in home-grown radicalisation: "We are seeing an increasing number of individuals -- including US citizens -- who have become captivated by extremist ideology and have taken steps to carry out terrorist objectives...

    aq cult has gone from running its own operations to soliciting proxys on its web sites it is necessary to challenge and defeat the extremist ideology being peddled by radicalisers on line. The news has had numerous stories about many of the home grown terrorist being indoctrinated on line.


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