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    Monday, November 29, 2010

    NK Paradigm Intel Briefing:

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    Paradigm Intel Briefing:

    China ready to let NKorea go.
    China's strategic economic interests now 
    lie with the United States, Japan and 
    South Korea – not North Korea.

    US and even I have pointed at China
    for not controlling NKorea.

    As if regime change is with in China's

    US has had such good success as in
    Iran, Afghan and Iraq.

    China doesn't have the influence with N Korea
    US would like.

    China's position is to prevent a N Korea melt
    down that would cause an influx of 500,000
    refugees into China from N Korea.
    And China provides just enough food and oil
    to NK to prevent such a catastrophe.

    Kimmy comes North on his little train
    hat in hand begging and threating 
    attacks on SKorea to squeeze some 
    substance out of China for his starving
    failed country.

    And China has to find a way to say no
    and provide just enough aid to stop a
    total collapse of N Korea and not 
    trip Kimmy off into an delusional 
    fit of madness.

    China is not going to take out NKorea
    but they don't care if someone else

    China is respite care for a dying N Korea.
    The world just needs to manage this so its
    not a murder /suicide pique of madness
    and delusional insanity on the part of Kimmy.

    His grooming his son for the new leader is 
    a good sign, he wants to leave his son his
    "Glorious" country. His ego helps
    the world in this instance, a desire to leave
    a legacy to an heir.
    So he is not likely to use a nuke.

    But its not sure how connected to reality
    his new heir is, where his delusions lie?
    And just how brain washed the Military
    command is.

    The question becomes when to administer
    the "coup de gras" and save the starving
    slave population of NK.
    Most of the population HATE the regime
    they despise it contrary to what they say
    in public.

    When and how with the least pain and
    destruction. Best case would take out
    the military heads and move to a unified
    Korea, Letting the South lead in the reconstruction
    of NK. 

    How and when?
    NK gives many opportunities to take out
    the Military with its numerous attacks against

    When NK trips the wire, US must be ready
    to almost instantaneousnessly take out NK military.
    Open the SK border and China border for
    refugees and pump food and aid into NK.

    SK citizens are fed up with the unprovoked
    continual attacks, and are pushing the Government
    to fight. They find it a grievous cultural affront,
    loosing face.

    The next NK attack will be meant with considerable
    counter attack, will the US be able to back SK fast
    That seems to be where its heading the 
    question how its handled.





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