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    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Hot intel

    If your only reading the Blog
    then your missing half.

    Read the other half on
    our Twitter OSINT
    If your only reading the Blog your only getting 1/2 our OSINT


    I want to go to Afghan to study,  
    Anthropologist Gerald

    Qods got Gareth Williams, but Iran will pay, already got Bushehr, gona get spanked hard for Williams. Paradigm Intel, G

     hows that enrichment process going? Problems with 807 Hz and 1210 Hz? What ya gona do with all that sick U-235? tee he LOLROF G

    250,000female Basijis to receive cyber training,DOS attack,reload key 
    Trained for manual DOS attacks, they just keep hitting reload key,
    but Iran downs't have 250,000 pcs for them to use, LOLROF G

    Calls for General Sir David Richards (chief of the UK defence staff) resignation. "Can't defeat al Qaeda" statement.
    English General to resign.
     Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Africas natural protection from al Qaeda?  al Qaeda won't go into interior. G

    Internet Anthropologist Think T: The Death of the PC Don Mattrick just killed the PC, or least gave it a fatal wound.G

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.     

    Over a million mobile phones hit by virus in China:

    Obama sells out, Oks Billionaires tax break.balance budget backs of military    

    FEC mulls allowing campaign contributions via text message... Quicker than unmarked envelopes, faster Bribes, G

    JCBTF "Joint Cross Border AfPak Task Force" HOT pursuit, deny Taliban safe havens,G  Crosses borders at will

     editor leading TIME's Person of the Year, so what,others, Putin,Ayatullah Khomeini,Nixon,Stalin,Hitler,

    Google Earth search doesn't take 34.662363′ Lat, 112.429356′ Long.?? WTF G  

    @  Iran  right is non-negotiable: & non achievable, courtesy of Stuxnet 

     Wooly gobs of FAT,whores of DC,NO END TO THEIR parsimonious avarice,NO LIMIT mercenary rapacious larceny 

     trade defense for Banking Billionaires$700 B tax break,    

    This is fake, a trap to activate malware




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