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    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Al Qaeda is defeated.

    British believing Insurgent Info War.
    Eating the wrong News feed.

    Calls for General Sir David Richards (chief of the UK defence staff) resignation. "Can't defeat al Qaeda" statement

    Time to resign Sir, giving succor to the enemy.

    Al Qaeda is defeated.
    Were not talking Taliban here.
    What left? Rag tag cadre, volunteers, and misfits
    imported from ME countries, ex milta men sent
    to supervise field troops?
    And a dozen number 3 men over the past
    5 years, they all retire early.

    One PETN bomb maker,
    and a loose association of wana bees.
    And some virtual terrorist in the "cloud".
    Look how long it took al Qaeda to take
    credit for the attempted printer bombing.
    Al Qaeda had no idea what was going on.
    Just some wana bees in independent action.

    Binny is scared to death to raise his head,
    he doesn't even make vids.
    If that is really him on the audio tapes.

    Binny has been MIA for 5 years.
    al qaeda is NOT indigenous to Afpak.
    Current stage is a mop up operation.

    British military needs to quit eating
    insurgent info war feeds.
    He needs to resign.
    Any body remember Chamberlain?

    The head of the British military
    is believing the Insurgents Info War

    Garbage in:
    Garbage out.
    applies to propaganda.

    Internet Anthropologist.

    I'd give anything to get into the Afpak theater
    to do some direct observation, Talk to
    the people and Taliban prisoners.
    To immerse myself in the environ,
    to get the pulse of the indigenous.

    To Talk, live in Afghan, Anthropologically to suck the brains of Taliban, get  the flavor first hand. Get into their heads, swim in their paradigm.
    Talk to the people and Taliban prisoners. TO DO SOME PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION, get a person to person read, on a professional basis,
    I'd give anything, get to Afpak theater do some direct observation,immerse myself in the environ, get the pulse of the indigenous.ANYTHING.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ariana Afghan Airlines is ready when you are, Flight FG 402 from Dubai to Kandahar leaves every Saturday morning, USD 180.00 Economy class. That's the easy part. You'll need an entrance visa before you go. You'll need somebody to pick you up & drive you in to Kandahar City. You'll need a place to stay.

    If you intend on surviving the experience you'll need a fixer/expediter/personal security detail.

    You'll need to learn Pashto to talk to the people. Some speak Urdu, some Dari. Watch out for the English-speakers. Young terps are less likely to rip you off & sell you out.

    The only Taliban prisoners you are ever likely to get a chance to talk to are those you bribe the ANP to talk to, and they don't keep big fish locked up long. The big fish are in Bagram. Much more expensive to bribe your way in there.

    I guarantee that if you "Anthropologically suck the brains of Taliban, get the flavor first hand. Get into their heads, swim in their paradigm," when you get back, IF you get back, you'll give anything for brain bleach.

    7:20 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Thanks so much,Cannoneer if I hit the lotto,
    I'll do that, wana come along?
    Otherwise maybe a embed,
    Who is hiring anthropologist reporters?
    or reactivation would be ok, too.


    7:37 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    10:01 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Applied to the first, second had nothing in afghan or anthro related.
    Time I put my brain where my mouth is, Thanks


    10:25 PM  
    Anonymous Cannoneer No. 4 said...

    Human Terrain System Social Scientist Job Number 354403

    Candidate will undergo a 4- 5 month training program in Leavenworth, Kansas, including orientation to the military/deployment environment, in-depth country briefings, and multi-disciplinary social science concepts and methods. The actual deployment is targeted to be 9 months.

    Preferred Skills:
    - Anthropological or Sociological Field Research experience in the Middle East or Afghanistan - Experience working with US government or military

    11:26 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Thanks for the push,
    I didn't see it.
    "Thank you for expressing an interest in the following position(s).. Submitted..

    Human Terrain System Social Scientist PPL - 354403

    If there is a match we will contact you to discuss your background and career interests in more detail."

    thanks agin

    12:09 AM  

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