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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Supreme Court sells out America

    Supreme Court falls victim to law of unintended consequences.

    History will shame them all.

    History will mark this court with a shame that will follow all of
    them in the history books for years.

    The court seems good at dispensing law, but is short
    sighted when it comes to dispensing justice.
    And as the highest court in the land is capable of
    following either path. In the instant case they
    have followed the lead of Congress,
    The best congress money can buy.

    The court passed a judgment allowing Corporations
    unlimited secret advertising to influence elections.
    The court just opened a new front in the GWOT.
    A venue the Military cannot counter.
    The court has put the US at as great a risk as
    it ever experience during the cold war with
    the Russians nukes.

    Their imprudent actions has opened a new
    avenue of attack on America, and the enemies of
    America are just waking to the possibilities.

    The court has just opened our Elections to
    to a new domain for attack, Info War.

    But does Info War work?
    Well its all about winning the hearts and minds.
    And the Taliban and al Qaeda seem to b having 
    some success with it, standing up to the most
    powerful military the world has ever seen with
    just a few farmers and business men and Imams.
    And WWII grade weapons.

    US economy swears by it, only they call their
    Info War advertising, Pepsi and Coke Cola 
    know exactly of what I speak.

    Coke has convinced me a grown reasonable
    man, educated by one of the Big Ten universities
    to spend $1.20 for 5 cents worth of flavored colored
    water with out sweetener.

    I know it and I still do it.
    The court just put this power in the hands of
    Americas enemys. 
    By allowing any Corporation to spend unlimited
    amounts secretly in American elections.

    The US public is in for a flood of commercials
    from unknown powers lying about the facts in
    American elections.

    And thanks to the Wall St Banks we know 
    exactly how much it costs to buy an American
    Congressman. It maybe double the normal 
    amount though for an enemy of America.
    US congressmen have some pride.

    The court just opened the American elections 
    to unprecedented foreign influence. 
    And the ability for Wall St Banks and other 
    corporations to buy American elections.

    This shame will follow the court through out
    history. Strong on law and blind to justice.

    The supreme court just sold America to
    the highest bidder.

    Some may think that Americans are smarter
    than that but I point out the TV shows investigating
    Ghosts with a wide audience and Palidin was the 
    nominee for VP as evidence of the levels of American 
    intelligence and the Congressmen elected that continue
    to sell out. Bought and sold. Elected by that same

    And I can see no paradigm for American Military
    to counter this new Info War.

    The court sold out America, shame on them all.
    They just gave the insurgents a new weapon in
    the GWOT.
    The next big Info War will be fought here in
    America and in SECRET, thank you, Supreme

    Internet Anthropologist

    UPDATE OCT 5 2013

    Secret Puppet Master of GOP


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