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    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    MS OS complacent. Security risk.

    Why is Micro Soft on the cusps of loosing its market
    The obvious answer is security.
    MS OS doesn't offer security.
    There are new exploits every month,
    the OS leaks like sieve.

    Even outside vendors have made an entire industry
    trying to secure their OS.
    And it has never been done.

    They lost the browser market because
    of security issues and their operating System
    will be the downfall of MicroSoft,just as
    Walmart over took Sears.
    The browser war is an attempt to secure the
    interface to the WWW because the OS isn't

    MS hasn't revised their core paradigm
    since its inception.

    They had the only OS and it was theirs.
    They still think the MicroSoft Operating
    system we BOUGHT belongs to them.

    While it has many bells and whistles
    it is Obtuse, you go to the Start button
    to turn it off.

    Indexer runs whether you want it to or not.

    Explorer.exe runs for 30 min + at boot up.

    And the cursor jumps around like I'm spastic.

    Hidden security programs are hidden and very difficult
    to use and not centralized.
    You practically have to be an insider to know where
    they are and what they do.
    Netstat -B for example doesn't run unless you
    disable some security, but they don't tell you that.

    They discovered 6,000,000 Java attempted intrusions.
    FROM your system, were you notified, NO.

    They won't upgrade illegal MicroSoft OS opening
    those illegal system to bot farms, no tickee,
    no patatchee, to the risk of the rest of us.

    And their security systems "silver light"
    and "defender" do not report to you, has any one ever
    got a warning of infection from their programs?

    Security logs, MS maintains them on your PC, but you need to
    set up your own logs to vies anything, and they are
    OBTUSE, NO instructions, and user abusive.

    The logs that you can find the OS will not allow
    you to view them even with administrator privileges.
    The OS has outstanding research and security systems
    all out of reach of the average user.

    MS is still operating like they are the only
    Operating System available.

    Our paradigm forecast indicates a new more secure
    OS in the future which MS will ignore at its own peril.

    Unless you are a geek you can't use the security and
    forensic programs built into MS OS.
    Which makes them useless to the average user.

    And the update patches are another example of
    who they think owns your system. URGENT patches for
    MS software not even on my system.

    Having to redo "authenticate" valid MS OS is another
    example of wasted time effort and space.
    They upload reams of code to my pc like they own
    my hard drive, and recently without my permission.

    The lack of security and privacy on the WWW is in a major
    part MicroSofts doing, or lack of doing.

    But their impudence and arrogance will lead to
    the down fall of MS. ie Sears.

    The US Government doesn't need stronger walls, they
    need a better OS than MS offers.
    MS does not have security as the priority, but a secondary
    or even tericary goal.

    Security is an add on not a built in for MS.
    The lack of competition has dulled MS's edge,
    and live too comfortably as THE fat cat.
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