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    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    War Think Tank NOT

    Think Tank NOT
    International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) forgetting its history.
    ...David Cameron, that the presence of thousands of British troops in Afghanistan is necessary to prevent al-Qaida from returning and thus increasing the threat to the UK.

    "It is not clear why it should be axiomatically obvious that an Afghanistan freed of an international combat presence in the south would be an automatic magnet for al-Qaida's concentrated reconstruction," the IISS director-general, John Chipman, said.
    Al-Qaida is now "engaged in Pakistan in very small numbers", not remotely comparable to the situation in Afghanistan pre-September 2001, Nigel Inkster, an IISS director and former deputy chief of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, said. No such threat is likely to come from al-Qaida elsewhere, including Yemen and Somalia, he added.

    mMkAY, Lets see, al qaeda ended up in Afghan in small numbers, 
    and launched 911, US helped run Russia out of Afghan and then
    withdrew support for Afghan, and the Taliban moved in and took 
    control and sheltered al qaeda resulting in phenomenal growth.
    Current US and British operations has beat al qaeda down to
    less threating proportions. So the current paradigm has brought
    some success and safety and they want to withdraw, leaving Afghan
    to the tender mercy's of the Taliban?
    al qaeda cult is deployed very similar to the situation pre 911.
    I don't know what leads IISS to the conclusions they have made?
    al qaeda is and has been making International threats and operations
    situation is very comparable to pre 911. 

    automatic magnet for al-Qaida's concentrated reconstruction,
    A better question is why he doesn't think the situation would
    be repeated if pressure is withdrawn from al qaeda?

    I see no reason it wouldn't repeat, and no reason to think
    an with drawl wouldn't lead to an automatic magnet for 
    al-Qaida's concentrated reconstruction.

    Nigel doesn't back up his conclusion with any substantiation.
    Just an opinion without data. A think tank not thinking?
    Forgetting history?

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank



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