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    Wednesday, September 08, 2010

    Visual look at US attacks


    US is ramping up pressure on the insurgents in Afpak.
    120,000 troop surge in Afghan, and increase in drone
    attacks in Paki by 33%.

    US Predators strike in Pakistan for fourth time in 24 hours

    The Taliban and the al qarda cult no longer have
    a safe place.

    This month alone has seen drone attacks almost
    daily, thats just the ones that make it to the news.
    The people of both Afghan and Paki have turned
    out in droves to report Talinan and al qaeda locations
    and operational plans, never in history has any
    insurgency faced this volume of indigenous spies.

    The pressure on the insurgents is really  hurting
    morale, both cadre and rank and file.
    Insurgent admin is in a panic over the drone attacks.
    Omar is trying an special war intel operation to try and
    raise morale, get the Taliban to hold together a little longer.
    "I assure you, our days of sufferings and hardship will not prolong furthermore."
    Taliban have no honor, "you should try to reform your conduct and deeds;" Mullah Omar.

    USA Today: Mullah Omar says Taliban victory 'imminent,' demands US withdraw -
    His message: Omar the LIAR. Brilliant propaganda piece, lot of lies and he points out the insurgent weaknesses.

    Where is the American General's Message of Felicitation on the Eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, in
    answer to Omar's Lies?

    Great job guys.




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