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    Sunday, September 05, 2010

    US is using the wrong Paradigm to fight Islamic Terrorism.

    US is using the wrong Paradigm to fight Islamic Terrorism.
    The current paradigm is heavily reliant on COIN.
    This paradigm is reactive and will never get ahead of
    the curve demographically.
    This seems to be an Info War problem.
    Maybe a million of these?

    We have tested the world Islamic demographic using
    two different methods, and came to the same result,
    less than one per cent 1% are terroristic violent 
    But given the world population of Muslis 1%
    is around 1.2 million persons world wide.
    That is a big enough demographic to assure
    that our grandchildren are still going to be 
    fighting a GWOT.

    Another threat in fighting a GWOT with 
    counter-insurgency operations is the threat
    to privacy world wide, by developing the ability of States
    to pry into every corner of civilians life's, 
    looking for insurgents. Currently a big part
    of COIN efforts. One of the biggest losses
    in this GWOT is the loss of personal privacy.
    And the movement of this ability into policing
    operations of civil law enforcement.

    Running after this 1% is a loosing proposition.
    The fault lies in Islam's method of teaching 
    Islam. One of the main tenants of Islam
    is the memorizing of the Quaran.
    There in lies its weakness, rather than teaching
    an fundamental understanding of the religion,
    they just memorize it. Leaving insurgents to 
    quote parts of the Quaran and bastardized
    interpretations of its meanings. 
    And the ability to generate a 1% following
    ad infinitum. Giving rise to the possibility
    our Grandchildren will still be fighting a
    And the loss of privacy and freedoms in the 
    quest for the 1% insurgents.

    COIN does not address the fundamental
    underlying problems generating the Islamic
    insurgency, just the symptoms.

     The current Islamic paradigm allows most
    anyone. ie Taliban and the al qaeda cult to 
    interpret the Quaran for their own means and 
    ends. Generating a 1% following far into the 
    foreseeable future.

    The current COIN paradigm addresses this
    issue indirectly by trying to win local hearts and minds
    in a inefficient Info War.

    While the terrorist need to run an 1% demographic
    Info war, just enough to continue the insurgency 
    they don't need to win ie 50%+, but just enough
    to barely keep it going.

    The worlds risk/reward ratio fighting the terrorist
    far exceeds cost of the terrorist risk/reward ratios.

    The COIN paradigm can't compete long term
    against the insurgent paradigm, just in terms of 
    costs and man power. There is a difference of better
    than 10 to 1, in effort and costs.

    And the risks to Islamic Governments will become
    very apparent when US withdraws. 

    Islam is shirking its responsibilities  and its
    sloth will be very costly to the Islamic regimes.

    Internet Anthropologist

    The curent USA paradigm is the most effective one so far.G

    Islamic Education. The more people know about Islam, the less attractive they find extremist ideologies. Extremists rely on simplistic religious ‘proofs’ for their political positions. Muslims with more than rudimentary understanding of the Qur’an and Hadith (traditions concerning the Prophet Muhammad and his companions) recognize the simplicity and banality of these ‘proofs.’ This is not conjecture; former NII recruiters have told us that people with little religious education are the easiest targets and those frompesantren (traditional Islamic boarding schools) the most difficult.



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