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    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Terrorist force projection as InfoWAR

    Terrorist al Qaeda cult and the Taliban force projection.
    Why the US military needs to bitch slap the press.
    Eating our own News and Info War feeds.

    A Taliban squad 10  men can cover an area of 3,600 miles
    effectively, thats 60 miles by 60 miles. A square one hour wide
    and one hour long traveling at 60 MPH on motor cycle..

    It would be a light heavy weapons squad.
    Taliban squad arms:12 K-47, 8 bolt-action rifles WWII or earlier,4 PKmachine gun, and 2 semiautomatic pistols. 1 RPG-7

    They post night letters thru their area by motor cycle at night,
    and have civilian listening posts with radios thru their area,
    60 miles by 60 miles, radio repeater every 10 miles, 12 radio

    They have maybe 20 hanger on-ers wana be's.
    They roll into a town with 30 men armed with above,
    and can control the town. Even set up a fake Jirga and
    do some public executions.

    Of the 10 men in the Taliban squad may 2 have military
    training, and they earn $300 a month.
    Cost around $5,000 a month to run a US county size operation.

    If one of the squad is killed they bring in one of the wana bees,
    and he is no longer working for free but making $300 a month.
    Most are former farmers and some criminals.

    So in effect they can loose the rank and file twice over and
    have on hand replacements. Taking out the squad leader
    causes a little more difficulty, someone has to step forward
    and take control, able to read and write, and set up
    communications with Taliban pay roll and supply.

    Taliban Drug problems are rampant, and cheap.
    kilogram of heroin in Afghanistan ranged around $2,405

    PTSD is also rampant, and they use those that are suicidal as
    an asset, they strap a bomb vest on them not provide treatment.

    The indigenous people the civilians don't like the Taliban 72%.
    And local spies are plentiful as evidenced by the recent uptick
    in drone strikes along the Afpak border.

    But the feeling you get from the world news agencys is that
    some how these Taliban farmers are a match for US forces,
    and maybe even winning, its Bull Shit, News no longer is objective
    its headlines, even Drudge Report fudges head lines for hits.

    And all these head lines get cycled around among Congress and
    the Pentagon and it sinks in, defeatist thinking or at the very minimum

    The Military needs to bitch slap some of these reporters that
    are most egregious offenders of the truth, of accurate reporting
    to keep this damaging reporting in check, call them out, spank
    them in public, PR.

    Bin Laden is NO longer the head of the al qaeda cult.
    The press seems to not have noticed he has been
    AWOL for 5 years. Missing in action, he has deserted
    his own cult, al qaeda. Duh.


    This is not some force of super Russians Spazna,
    but a force of Afghan farmers and business men dedicated
    to a false cause, supporting a cult the leader that has abandoned.

    911 was done with just 11 men, al qaeda is still dangerous,
    but a fading paradigm.

    This is winnable, take out al qaeda and make peace with the
    Taliban. Its do-able.

    Since September 2, there have been 13 strikes by unmanned spy planes in North Waziristan — the highest number in a month since the US began using drones to hit targets in Pakistan in 2004, the Dawn newspaper reported.
    The number of drone strikes this year has already crossed 70, the highest figure for a single year.
    TALIBAN leaders have taken to hiding in Ovens from the drones..




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