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    Friday, September 10, 2010

    The right to burn the Quaran

    In remembrance of 911 tomorrow its important
    to keep in mind who the bad guys are.
    The al qaeda Islamic cult.

    And while Binny, who has abandoned
    al qaeda was doing this in the name of
    Islam, it is not Islam that is behind him.

    And with Rev.Jones burning the Quran,
    while I don't agree with him it bothers
    me the the administration is asking him
    to curtail his freedoms.
    He has a right, freedom to burn the

    We need to keep in mind he is not the
    BAD guy, he is burning a holy book,
    not killing or threating to kill people.
    Freedom has a price.

    Many Muslims have threatened to burn
    the American flag if he burns the Quaran.

    Thats ok with me its a kind of "Quid pro

    I have a problem with those threating to
    kill people over this and the cartoons
    of Muhammad the prophet.

    This is again the fault of Islam, they
    teach the memorizing the Quaran,
    might it be better to teach what it
    means and says?

    Islam is the religion of Peace,
    but I have to keep reminding myself
    of that. Some times it doesn't feel
    like the religion of Peace.

    But Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim 




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