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    Monday, September 06, 2010

    Ops and Intel Update 09.06.10

    Tried to run this out of twitter OSINT feed, not sure its effective?
    comment please.

    Google Blog formating screwing up again?
    high light parts to read???

    1. Geraldanthro 

      Iran Greeners have penetrated regime to the top, exposed attempted over throw of Bahrain. G

    2. GeraldAnthroGeraldanthro 

      Iran attempts to over throw Bahrain, act of WAR? Just wait till they have the bomb, Then you will see some really bad S**t, G

    3. GeraldAnthroGeraldanthro 

      NEW al qaeda vocabulary "Khorasan"historic region that covered parts of modern day Iran,Afghanistan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Term has shown up in al qaeda communications. G

    4. GeraldAnthroGeraldanthro 

      Should the security tech industry take the offensive against cyber criminals? NO should continue their second rate attempts at security. G vendor security is a fraud. security program/suite is CRAP Geraldanthro At this time pulling the Taliban into the Afghan Gov will just escalate corruption, but give US an out, big loosers Islamic Governments, G.

      1. Strategic Com in the New Media #Infowar tradition vs social networks lot of info war implications,G

      2. Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Muslims not interested in getting involved in terrorism.

      3. Treasury: No bailout of Afghanistan bank, but 'technical assistance' - Sounds like to little to late,G

      4. CNN International: N. Korea to release S. Korean fishing crew - NKorea turning over a new leaf?

      5. Bahrain; Iran in plot to overthrow government - 250 members Shia opposition parties arrested, yea let Iran get bomb

        1. Mullahs even more marginalized in Iran

        2. Petraeus's push comes to Obama's shove

          1. Ynetnews: Iran's elite Guard condemns attack on opposition cleric - Abberjonny may not have all his apples in a row?G

          2. Daily News & Analysis: US drone strike kills 8 militants in North Waziristan - using 5 drones at one time.


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